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Hugo Eywo

1877 - 1953

The cinematographer Hugo Eywo began his professional career as a komptorist and bookkeeper before he started his articic career in 1900. He was successful as a trick cyclist under the pseudonym Sidney Roodwell and he toured through Germany, Austria, England, Hungary, Belgium and Holland. To his specialities also belonged a somersault wit a motorcycle which even led to an engagement in the USA by the manager Pitrot. But he crash during such a somersault seriously and he had to give up his artistic career.

Beside it Hugo Eywo already worked for the Pathé shortly after thge turn of century and belonged to the film pioneers. He shot numerous news for Pathé which led him through the world. Among others he also shot pictures of the complete destroyed San Francisco in 1906 after the earthquake.
He became a representative and organisator for business creation for Pathé Frères in Vienna in 1907 and he founded several cinemas.
Later he launched successfuly a film distribution for Pathé in Vienna and afterwards he was appointed to the director for the orient.
After detentions in Bucharest, Nach Aufenthalten in Bukarest, Constantinople, Asia Minor, Greeke and Syria he returned to Vienna in 1914.

After World War I he founded the first film recording studio in Vienna.

Hugo Eywo shot his first feature movie as a cinematographer in with "Das Haupt der Medusa" (19), it followed other movies during the 20s.
He was behind the camera for the productions "Töte sie!" (20), "Die Huronen" (21), "Napoleon in Schönbrunn" (22), "Die Goldratten" (23) and "Die Stadt ohne Juden" (24).

He realised his only movie as a director in 1921 with "Sonnige Träume" (21).

Because of the devaluation of the Reichsmark he had to close his film recording studio in 1927 and he worked afterwards as a photographer and artists. Among others he exhibited his art at the world exhibition in Barcelona in 1929 and an the world exhibition in Paris in 1930.

Hugo Eywo got a job at the community of Vienna in 1939 where he remained active till 1945. With the end of World War II he had to leave Vienna because part of the walls of his flat were collapsed. He went to his daughter in Boxleiten where he worked as a farm hand in the agriculture.
Two years later he was able to work as an artist againg and he created embellishments.

Other movies from Hugo Eywo:
Die arge Nonne (20) Verfehltes Ziel (20) Sonnige Träume (21) Eine mystische Strassenreklame (22)