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Walter Edhofer

Lichtbild aus "Die Somme" 1930

1911 - 1971

The actor Walter Edhofer (also Walter Edthofer) was involved in several films in the first half of the 1930s.
In his youth, he was an enthusiastic skier and made it to Austrian youth champion.
As his father was president of the Viennese cinema community, Walter Edhofer became involved in film at an early age. He initially joined Sascha-Film as a cameraman, but was soon discovered as an actor by director Fritz Weiss.
 In the film "The Somme: Das Grab der Millionen" (30) he acted at Oscar Marion's and Hermine Sterler's side and in "Vagabund" (30) with Gregor Gog and Clementine Plessner he played a young vagabond.
He impersonated Francesco in Géza von Bolvary's "Liebeskommando" (31) with Dolly Haas, Gustav Fröhlich and Livio Pavanelli, he played the title role in "Der Herzog von Reichstadt" (31) with Lien Deyers, Alfred Abel, Eugen Klöpfer and Jaro Fürth, he was Gustel in "Die Wasserteufel von Hieflau" (32) with Dina Gralla, Paul Hartmann and Hugo Fischer-Köppe and he acted as Roberto at Joseph Schmidt's, Otto Tressler's, Lilliane Dietz's, Frida Richard's and Szöke Szakall's side in "Wenn du jung bist, gehört dir die Welt" (34).

Due to his political stance, Walter Edhofer left Germany and went to Paris. With the outbreak of the Second World War, he was considered an enemy alien and was arrested. To escape imprisonment, he enlisted in the Foreign Legion. During an assignment abroad, he fled to London, where he was deployed as an agent for the Allies. He was awarded the Medaille de la Résistance in 1947 for his services during the war.
He returned to Germany after the war, but no longer worked as an actor and instead worked as a businessman for various companies.