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Ewald André Dupont

Zeichnung: Emil Stumpp (1886-1941)

1891 - 1958

Dupont belongs to the neglected one of the German movie and is just known to insiders. As a result his influence to the German movie and the film business in general is highly underestimated.

He played an important role as a film journalist in the 10's. He worked among other things for "Berliner Morgenpost" and "Berliner Allgemeinen Zeitung"). Encouraged through his acquired literary ability he wrote his first screenplay in 1916 with the title "Mein ist die Rache." Only one year later eleven of his scripts were transferred into running pictures by other directors, e.g. Joe May for his Joe-Deebs-detective-serial.

In 1918 Dupont was engaged by Stern-Film-GmbH as an author and director for the detective serial with actor Max Landa. Just to this moment he had never seen a film studio from inside. Till 1919 there were shot twelve of these pictures. After that he changed to Gloria-Film-GmbH and could realize his first great successes with movies like "Die Geier-Wally" (1921) and "Das alte Gesetz" (1923). Then he came up like a comet in the film sky with the movie "Varieté" (1925). Not only in Germany but also in the USA the movie was a crowd-puller. Dupont was nominated as one of the "10 best directors" by the US journal "Film Daily".
With such a success America wasn't a long time in coming and Dupont was engaged by Universal. Unfortunately he didn't get by with the working conditions there and soon canceled the contract. He shifted his field of activity to England as a production manager, director and writer.

Back in Germany he met the directors Carl Froelich and G.W. Papst. They belongs to a minority who believed in the future of the sound film. During their discussion it came off a bet: "Who would realize the first German sound film?". The bet was never settled really. It is true that Dupont shot the first sound film, but it wasn't a sheer German sound movie, particularly since the film was shot in London. Something later Carl Froelich shot the first in Germany staged movie.
Duponts sound film "Atlantic" (1929), a kind of a Titanic story, was set nearly exclusive in a bar and showed Willi Forst as an hero.

Duponts last film in Germany was "Salto Mortale" (1932), afterwards he made a new effort in the USA. But he could never really gain a foothold and changed from Universal to M-G-M, from Paramount to Warner Bros. There it got to violence between him and the actors of the movie "Hell's Kitchen" - with the Dead End Kids. The dismissal followed immediately and Dupont could no longer realize further movies for the next ten years.

In the 50s, accompanied by many failures, he only shot low C-Movies like "The Neanderthal Man" (1953). The  final out came in 1954, when he was replaced during the shooting of "Miss Robinson Crusoe" as a result of drunkenness. Four years later he died of cancer in Los Angeles.

A star during the silent movie, pushed into a corner by the sound film. A destiny he could share with many others of his time.

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