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Walter Doerry

1880 - 1963

The actor and director Walter Doerry made his stage debut at the beginning of the 20th century where he not became established as an actor but also realised many plays as a director.
A tour led him even to South America in 1927 where he took part in classic plays.

Walter Doerry was also spotted for the film business and he acted in numerous silent movies.
His first movie was „Karlchen macht Seitensprünge“ (19), it followed the prodcutions „Banditen“ (21), „Lucifer“ (22), „Gaukler der Strasse“ (22), „Die Dame in Grau“ (22), „Der Schrecken der Westküste“ (25) and „Besondere Kennzeichen folgten“ (29).

He continued his film career in the sound film era of the 30s and he impersonated roles in „Nocturno“ (34), „Barcarole“ (35), „Donner, Blitz und Sonnenschein“ (36), „Tango Notturno“ (37), „Tischlein deck dich“ (38), „Zentrale Rio“ (39), „Seitensprünge“ (39) and „Der Kleinstadtpoet“ (40).

During World War II he went on Wehrmachtstour in order to destract the soldiers at the front from the daily risks.

Walter Doerry concentrated to the theater after the war he normally appeared on smaller stages in Bad Pyrmond and Hildesheim.

Other movies with Walter Doerry:
Hoppla, Herr Lehrer (20) Die Flibustier (22) Lachendes Weinen (23)