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Franz Doelle

1883 - 1965

The film composer Franz Doelle was not only a successful composer of film music but also a very popular song writer.

He served an apprenticeship as a military bandmaster during his service for the army. After several tours with an orchestra he worked as a composer and conductor for different stages in Berlin from 1918. There he acquired his abilities which made him famous as a film composer in later years.

When he was contracted by the Ufa at the beginning of the 30s this initiated an impressive career as a film composer and Franz Doelle wrote many popular melodies who outwore the time.
Already in 1932 he wrote first film compositions for "Frau Lehmanns Töchter" (32) and "Liebe in Uniform" (32). I the next years he wrote the score for popular productions like "Flucht nach Nizza" (33), the successful comedy "Viktor und Viktoria" (33), "Die englische Heirat" (34) with an impressive Adele Sandrock, the spirited comedy "Amphitryon" (35), "Boccaccio" (36), "Der Unwiderstehliche" (37) and "Finale "(38).

Franz Doelle was able to continue his career during World War II and he wrote the music for "Ein Mann auf Abwegen" (40), "Trenck, der Pandur" (40) und "Carl Peters" (41) - all three movies were directed by Herbert Selpin and casted with the movie star Hans Albers - as well as "Geheimakte W.B.1" (42), "Die heimlichen Bräute" (42) and "Der grosse Preis" (44).

To Franz Doelle's most popular songs belong "Wie ein Wunder kam die Liebe", "Aus den Wolken kommt das Glück", "An einem Tag im Frühling" and abvove all "Wenn der weisse Flieder wieder blüht" - a song he already wrote in 1928. The last mentioned song was the name patron for the movie "Wenn der weisse Flieder wieder blüht" (53).

Other movies from Franz Doelle:
Ja, treu ist die Soldatenliebe (32) Husarenliebe (32) Die kleine Schwindlerin (33) Heimat am Rhein (33) Einmal eine grosse Dame sein (34) Pipin, der Kurze (34) Fräulein Liselot (34) Prinzessin Turandot (34) Petersburger Nächte (35) Königswalzer (35) Donogoo Tonka (36) Heisses Blut (36) Und du mein Schatz fährst mit (37) Frau Sylvelin (38) Morgen werde ich verhaftet (39) Die Nacht in Venedig (42) Die Wirtin zum Weissen Röss'l (43) Kollege kommt gleich (43) Die Hochstaplerin (44) Ein schöner Tag (44)