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Harald Bredow

1878 - 1934

The actor Harald Bredow was born as Harald Breckling. He first worked in Paris till World War I where he among others realised a film serial with the actress Suzanne Grandais. With the outbreak of the war he was internated for a brief time, afterwards he returned to Germany.
There he was able to continue his film career as an actors. His first German movie was "Das Spitzentuch der Fürstin Wolkowska" (17) with Maria Carmi, Hans Albers, Emil Albes and Albert Paul. It followed the production "Sein letzter Trick" (19) with Heinrich Peer and Ernst Pittschau.

His last cinematical works came already at the beginning of the 20s into being and Harald Bredow played support roles in movies like "Der Kammersänger" (20) directed by Willy Zeyn with Karl Beckersachs, Ernst Dernburg and Leopold von Ledebur, Felix Basch's "Menschen von heute" (20) with Sophie Pagay, Grete Freund and Felix Basch, "Der Mann in der Falle" (20) with Harry Frank, Ernst Dernburg and Sybill Morel, as Lord Richard in "Cocain" (21) with Ernst Pittschau, Gustav Adolf Semler and Karl Martell as well as "Symphonie des Todes" (21) with Bernhard Goetzke, Hanni Weisse and Olga Engl.

Besides his activity as an actor Harald Bredow also wrote the screenplay for the production "Symphonie des Todes" (21). He was a co-founder of the "Deutsche Eidophon Film GmbH" in 1932 which was liquidated shortly afterwards.
Moreover he also worked as a journalist for different newspapers and he was the editor of the "Internationales Film-Magazins".

Other movies with Harald Bredow:
Das Kussverbot (20) Der Meisterschuss (20) Seines Bruders Leibeigener (21) Die Königin von Argusana (21) Les amoureux de Gaby (21)