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Hermann Böttger

1878 - 1946


The cinematographer Hermann Böttger finished an education as a photographer and he worked in this field for the next two decades before he joined the film business. He belongs to the German film pioneers - his first movie can be back-dated to 1909 where he was the cameraman for "Der kleine Detektiv" (09).

He was also involved in some of the first German movies which went into film history as first artistic movies. First of all to these movies belongs "Der Andere" (13) with Albert Bassermann in the leading role. The movie was directed by Max Mack for whom Hermann Böttger was also the cinematographer for "Wo ist Coletti?" (13), "Die blaue Maus" (13) and "Arme Maria" (15).

To his other works of the 10s belong "Der König" (13), "Lache Bajazzo" (15), "Ikarus, der fliegende Mensch" (18) and "König Krause" (19).

Afterwards followed only few more engagements as a cinematographer and these movies did come up to the relevance of his former works.
After the silent movies "Mein Leopold" (24) and "Die zweite Mutter" (25) his career as a cinematographer for feature movies came to an end. He only shot the documentary "Deutsche Siege in drei Erdteilen" as well as the short movies "Und so ein Glück kannst du nur haben" (30), "Duco" (38) and "Coca-Cola" (38). The two last-mentioned works were so-called industry short movies.

Because of poor health Hermann Böttger could only do soft jobs and got into financial poverty. His year of death is not know. His last sign of life was in 1943. 

Other movies from Hermann Böttger:
Die Hochzeitsfackel (12) Der letzte Tag (13) Fluch der Schönheit (15) Der Hermelinmantel (15) Der Herr ohne Wohnung (25)