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Elga Beck

1894 - 1968

The actress Elga Beck was born Hedwig Beck. After the family moved to Vienna, she took singing lessons there. First appearances in operettas and at the theater followed.

From 1917 she acted in some silent films and she embodied roles in German, Austrian, Hungarian and Yugoslavian productions.
These productions include "Die Königstochter von Travankore" (17), "Wogen des Schicksals" (18), "A cistri" (18), "Der Rebell" (19) and "Lilith und Ly" (19)..

At the beginning of the 20's her last films came about with "Die Jagd nach dem Glück" (20), "Das goldene Vliess" (20) and "Das Spiel ist aus" (22).

She later lived in Yugoslavia, where she fled to Italy in 1941 after the occupation of the German Wehrmacht. In Bologna she worked for the Allied military government.

Elga Beck's first marriage was to the lawyer and journalist Vaclav Jan Jirina (from 1913 to 1919) and from 1920 to her second marriage to Stefan Otto Neumann, an heir to the then well-known clothing company. After the divorce, the third marriage followed in 1929 with the banker Ziga Stern. Her last marriage was in 1952 to an American major named Scott.

She spent her final years in Switzerland, where she died in Zurich in 1968.

Other movies with Elga Beck:
Vihar utan (18) A kétlelkü asszony (18) Kovac raspela (19) A müvészet diadalutja (19) Nach dem Gewitter (19) Menschen, die ihr Glück verspielen (19) Sie konnten zusammen nicht kommen (20)