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Poldi Augustin

1863 - 1951

The actress and singer Poldi Augustin was born Leopoldine Weitz in Vienna.

She began her career as a singer at concerts and her tours took her through numerous countries in Europe.

Finally, she devoted herself to the theatre from 1881 and made her stage debut at the Mödling Theatre in Vienna.
This was followed by engagements at smaller theatres before she was able to achieve great success as a soubrette at the Carl Theatre in Vienna. After that she appeared as a singer at other stages in Berlin, Hamburg, Dresden and Vienna.

She only appeared seldom in movies.
She impersonated her first role in front of the camera in the production "Der Teufel" (18) directed by Ewald André Dupont with Henry Bender, Guido Herzfeld, Ria Jende, Max Landa and Tzwetta Tzatschewa.

Afterwards she acted in the film "Der Stolz der Familie" (18) at Fritz Beckmann's, Lotte Davis' and Paul Rainer's side.

In her last movie "Louise de Lavallière" (20) she played the role of the Marquise von Remis with Fritz Delius, Ernst Hofmann, Eva Speyer, Olga Engl, Erna Morena, Leo Connard, Hans Wassmann, Max Kronert and Sophie Pagay.

Poldi Augustin was married to the singer Karl Augustin.