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Raoul Aslan

Picture Raoul Aslan
Foto: Franz Löwy (1883-1949)

1886 - 1958

The actor Raoul Aslan was regarded as a star actor at the  Burgtheater in Vienna for many years. The film business didn't play an important role in his career and he took part in only few productions.

Raoul Aslan came from a wealthy family. He was already interested  in acting in school days what suffered his progress at school.
He came to the Schauspielhaus Hamburg in 1906 as a unpaid trainee, beside it he attended actin lessons at Franziska Ellmenreich. He made his stage debut in the same year with the play "Julius Caesar". 
He learnt the acting profession at different stages in the following years before he had first great successes in Stuttgart from 1911.

His great breakthrough came in 1917 when he was signed on in Vienna. He became established at the stronghold of the theater with his role as "Gabriel Schilling". Eventually he was obliged to the Burgtheater where he spent most of his time.

Raoul Aslan made his film debut in 1918. To his silent movies belong "Das andere Ich" (18) and "Die Venus" (22).

But the Burgtheater was still the heart of his career. He was the first one who was honoured with the title "Kammerschauspieler" in 1929 (the former "Hofschauspieler"). In the next decades he worked as an actor as well as a director and manager at the Burgtheater. 

In the 30's followed other movies with Raoul Aslan, among them the productions "Yorck" (31), "Der weisse Dämon" (32), "Unsichtbare Gegner/Öl ins Feuer" (33) and "Mädchenpensionat" (36).

After the war he only appeared in few more movies, so in "Matthäus-Passion" (49), "Mozart" (55) and "Wilhelm Tell" (56).

His brother was the actor Didier Aslan.

Other movies with Raoul Aslan:
Golgatha (20) Das Flötenkonzert von Sans-souci (30) Stupefiants (32) Schuberts unvollendete Symphonie (33) Leise flehen meine Lieder (33) Les requins de pétrole (33) Spiegel des Lebens (38) Symphonie Wien (52) Das Licht der Liebe (54) Götz von Berlichingen (55)