Baby Peggy

Picture Baby Peggy

1918 - 2020

The actress Baby Peggy was born as Margarete Montgomery in Merced, California.

Her parents were already working for the film business, her father was a stuntman, her mother an extra in many movies. When Baby Peggy made her film debut at the age of three she became a star almost overnight. Only in her first year she took part in over 15 movies.
When her parents didn't find work any longer, the salary of Baby Peggy became the main constituent of the family income.

Baby Peggy earned a lot of money during her active time as an actress, unfortunately her parents had serious quarrels and moreover squandered the whole fortune of the young star - an experience through which many following childstars had to go. She was exploited and they shot as many movies with her as possible. At the end of her career she was threw away like a used glove and new unspent faces were called on.

But back to her cinematical career. Baby Peggy appeared in 1921 in the movies "Her Circus Man" (21), "The Kid's Pal" (21), "Third Class Male" (21), "Golfing" (21), "Teddy's Goat" (21) and "Chums" (21).

After this excellent start in film history her career should last five more years before it ended when she reached the age of eight.

In this time she took part in many other movies, however most of this movies went lost during the time. To her works in the next two years belong among others "Little Miss Mischief (22), "Peggy, Behave!" (22), "The Little Rascal" (22), "The Kid Reporter" (23), "Carmen jr." (23), "The Darling of New York" (23) at Frank Coghlan jr.'s side and "Hansel and Gretel" (23).

Her importance in the realm of stars was expressed with her engagement for the movie "Hollywood" (23), which parodied the world of Hollywood and which was garnished with countless guest stars like Roscoe Arbuckle, Noah Beery, Charles Chaplin, Bebe Daniels, Douglas Fairbanks, James Finlayson, Pola Negri, Mary Pickford and Gloria Swanson, and among them Baby Peggy too.

She climaxed her silent movie career with the movies "Our Pet" (24), "The Flower Girl" (24), "Poor Kid" (24), "Captain January" (24), "Jack and the Beanstalk" (24), "Helen's Babies" (24), "Little Red Riding Hood" (25) and "April Fool" (26).

Baby Peggy made a short comeback with small parts in three talkies - "Off His Base" (32), "Eight Girls in a Boat" (34) and "Girls' Dormitory" (36), after that she retired completely from the film business.

As a result she lived a "normal" life outside of the entertainment industry. She was married in second marriage with Bob Cary and published since then Hollywood histories under the name Diana Serra Cary. She published her biography called "What Ever Happened to Baby Peggy", which throw light on her story, the positive and negative sides.

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