Frank Coghlan jr.

1916 - 2009

The actor Frank Coghlan jr. was born in Connecticut. When his parents went to California he had the good fortune that they took over work as an extra for different movies. So Coghlan jr. came also soon in contact with this medium. At the age of four he was spotted by the casting director who suggested his parents to prepare their son for a casting.

As a result the freckled Frank Coghlan jr. got his first small roles in "To Please One Woman" (20), "The Suitor" (20) and "Daredevil Jack" (20) - a 15 part serial with Lon Chaney and the boxer Jack Dempsey. Till 1921 he acted in countless movies as an extra which can no longer be duplicated completely today (he took part in about 300 movies in this time).

The start of a extreme active film career was done. Frank Coghlan jr. became a popular child star in the next years. His income was even enough to finance the education of his fathers to a masseur. He took part in "Bobbed Hair" (22), "Rookies" (22), "The Fourth Musketeer" (23), "Little Old New York" (23) and "Our Alley" (23). Beside it he had also some appeareances in the Hal Roach serial "The Little Rascals - Our Gang", but the appearances were so short that he wasn't mentioned on the cast list.

From 1925 Frank Coghlan jr. managed the jump from an extra to a popular acotr. He was now mentioned official on the cast list and took part in movies like "The Road to Yesterday" (25), "The Great Love" (25), "Skyrocket" (26), "Mike" (26), "The Last Frontier" (26) and "Her Man o' War" (26).

Frank Coghlan jr. made a five-year contract with Cecil B. DeMille and with it he was the only child star who was ever signed on for DeMille. In the following years he appeared in special tailored movies to his talent like "Whispering Smith" (26), "Rubber Tires" (27), "Slide, Kelly, Slide" (27), "The Yankee Clipper" (27), "The Country Doctor" (27) and "A Harp in Hock" (27).
In 1928 his name appeared at the top of the cast list for the first time for the movie "Let 'Er Go Gallegher" (28), it followed "Marked Money" (28) and "Square Shoulders" (29) - his last movie for DeMille. When DeMille sold his studio to Joseph Kennedy and this one resold it to Howard Hughes, Frank Coghlan jr. worked as a freelancer.

His first talky was "River's End" in 1930. It followed successful productions like "The Girl Said No" (30), "The Public Enemy" (31), "Penrod and Sam" (31), "The Last of the Mohicans" (32), "Managed Money" (34) and "Charlie Chan at the Race Track" (36).

Frank Coghlan jr. became an adult, child and teenager roles didn't suit him longer. He was no longer the great star but he was able to make his film career interesting with smaller parts. He took part in "His Exciting Night" (38), "Gone with the Wind" (39), "Meet Dr. Christian" (39), "Murder Over New York" (40), "Adventures of Captain Marvel" (41), "Henry Aldrich for President" (41) and "Follow the Band" (43) before he finished his career for the service for the U.S. navy. 
He decided after the war to stay in the army and served there 23 years, in 1965 he retired.

Frank Coghlan jr. could appear again in some smaller role in the following years, so in "The Sand Pebbles" (66) and "Shazam!: The Braggart" (74).

Other movies with Frank Coghlan jr.:
The Poverty of Riches (21) Bow Wow (22) Garrison's Finish (23) Giants vs. Yanks (23) Law of the Lawless (23) A Woman of Paris (23) Cause for Divorce (23) The Spanish Dancer (23) The Darling of New York (23) Winning His Way (24) The Great Circus Mystery (25) It Pays to Advertise (31) Union Depot (32) Hell's House (32) Man Wanted (32) What's to Do? (32) Merrily Yours (32) Drum Taps (33) Racetrack (33) This Day and Age (33) In the Money (33) Pardon My Pups (34) Kentucky Blue Streak (35) Happiness C.O.D. (35) The Little Red Schoolhouse (36) Melody in May (36) Make Way for a Lady (36) Red Lights Ahead (36) Blazing Barriers (37) Service de Luxe (38) Scouts to the Rescue (39) Boys' Reformatory (39) Day-Time Wife (39) Free, Blonde and 21 (40) Star Dust (40) Uncle Joe (41)