Percy Marmont

Photo: Albert Witzel (1879-1929)

1883 - 1977

The actor Percy Marmont began his acting career about 1900 at the theater, later he went on tour with touring companies through Liverpool and South Africa.

He made his film debut in South Africa as well in 1913 with the movie "Die Voortrekkers", it followed the Australian production "The Monk and the Woman" (16). Finally he arrived at New York where he started his American film career with "Rose of the World" (18), "The Climbers" (19) and "Three Men and a Girl" (19).

He became a very busy leading actor in the 20's besides stars like Ethel Barrymore, Geraldine Farrar and Clara Bow. To his well-known movies of this decade belong "The Branded Woman" (20), "Wife Against Wife" (21), "If Winter Comes" (23), "The Marriage Cheat" (24), "The Enemy Sex" (24), "Broken Laws" (24), "Just a Woman" (25), "Lord Jim" (25), "Mantrap" (26) and "San Francisco Nights" (28).

When the sound film arose he went back to England where he took part in other movies like "The Squeaker" (30), "The Written Law" (31), "Rich and Strange" (32), "Vanity" (35), "Secret Agent" (36), "Young and Innocent" (37), "Swiss Honeymoon" (47), "Dark Secret" (49), "The Gambler and the Lady" (52) and "Hostile Witness" (68) - his last film - besides his engagements for the theater.

In 1936 he shot his only film as a director with the title "The Captain's Table" (36).

Other movies with Percy Marmont: 
The Lie (18) The Turn of the Wheel (18) In the Hollow of Her Hand (18) The Indestructible Wife (19) The Vengeance of Durand (19) The Winchester Woman (19) Love's Penalty (21) The Sporting Duchess (20) Dead Men Tell No Tales (20) Slaves of Pride (20) Away Goes Prudence (20) Without Benefit of Clergy (21) What's Your Reputation Worth? (21) The First Woman (22) The Midnight Alarm (23) The Light That Failed (23) Broadway Broke (23) The Man Life Passed By (23) You Can't Get Away with It (23) The Shooting of Dan McGrew (24) When a Girl Loves (24) Legend of Hollywood (24) The Clean Heart (24) K - The Unknown (24) Idle Tongues (24) Daddy's Gone A-Hunting (25) The Shining Adventure (25) A Woman's Faith (25) Fine Clothes (25) The Street of Forgotten Men (25) Infatuation (25) Fascinating Youth (26) Aloma of the South Seas (26) The Miracle of Life (26) Yellow Stockings (28) The Stronger Will (28) Ossi hat die Hosen an (28) The Silver King (29) The Lady of the Lake (30) Cross Roads (30) Say It with Music (32) The Silver Greyhound (32) Blind Spot (32) Her Imaginary Lover (33) The White Lilac (35) David Livingstone (36) The Captain's Table (36) Action for Slander (38) Penn of Pennsylvania (41) Those Kids from Town (42) I'll Walk Beside You (43) Loyal Heart (45) No Orchids for Miss Blandish (48) Four Sided Triangle (53) Monsieur Ripois (54) Thought to Kill (54) Footsteps in the Fog (55) Lisbon (56)