Clara Bow

Photo: Albert Witzel (1879-1929)

1905 - 1965

The actress Clara Bow was born into a violent family. When she won a beauty contest she was able to start a successful film career and used the opportunity to free from her abusive father and her insane mother. 

To her early movies belong "Beyond the Rainbow" (22), "Enemies of Women" (23), "Maytime" (23), "Poisoned Paradise" (24), "Wine" (24), "This Woman" (24), "Eve's Lover" (25), "Kiss Me Again" (25), "The Primrose Path" (25) and "The Plastic Age" (25).

When her mentor and producer B.P. Schulberg went to Paramount he took her with him. Clara Bow became a great star at Paramount during the 20's who fascinated the audience with her open sex appeal. Sie convinced in the movies "Mantrap" (26), "Kid Boots" (26), "Fascinating Youth" (26) and "Children of Divorce "(27).

Clara Bow often caused more quite a stir with her private life than with her movies. Her behaviour was provocative, her sexuell liaisons numerous, scandals were a forgone conclusion. She had gambling debts, didn't pay all her taxes and had some sensational trials.

When Clara Bow appeared in the movie "It" (27), she had her great breakthrough. She had a certain something which always fascinated men and from then on she was called as the "It Girl".
The year 1927 was the heyday of her career. Besides "It" she also played the leading role in the movie "Wings" (27), which got the first oscar in film history for the best picture.

In the following year she took part in other successful movies like "Red Hair" (28), "Ladies of the Mob" (28) and "Three Weekends" (28).

The transition to the talkies was disastrous. She wasn't able to be successful because of her strong Brooklyn accent. The consequence was that Clara Bow became hysterical and it was absolut difficult to work with her. She appeared in the Paramount productions "Dangerous Curves" (29), "True to the Navy "(30), "Her Wedding Night" (30), "Love Among the Millionaires" (30), "No Limit" (31) and "Kick In" (31), after that she ask Paramount to let go her from the contract. Even her mentor B.P. Schulberg was glad at this time to be able to disassociate from her.
Clara Bow appeared in two movies later - "Call Her Savage" (32) and "Hoopla" (33) - thereafter she retired from the filmbusiness at the age of 26.

She got married with the cowboy sar Rex Bell and founded a family.

Other movies with Clara Bow:
Down to the Sea in Ships (22) The Daring Years (23) Grit (24) Daughters of Pleasure (24) Empty Hearts (24) Helen's Babies (24) Black Lightning (24) Black Oxen (24) Black (24) Capital Punishment (25) The Adventurous Sex (25) Lawful Cheaters (25) The Scarlet West (25) Parisian Love (25) The Keeper of the Bees (25) Free to Love (25) The Best Bad Man (25) The Ancient Mariner (25) My Lady's Lips (25) My Lady of Whims (25) Shadow of the Law (26) Two Can Play (26) Dancing Mothers (26) The Runaway (26) Rough House Rosie (27) Hula (27) Get Your Man (27) The Fleet's In (28) The Wild Party (29) The Saturday Night Kid (29)