Marion Mack

1902 - 1989

The actress Marion Mack was born as Joey Marion McReery. She only took part in few movies in her short film career, today she is famous for one single movie - "The General" (26) - from the legendary comedian Buster Keaton who achieved his biggest success with this movie. 

Marion Mack began her career at Mack Sennett's company where she soon became a popular actress in two-act plays und serials. Already at school she dreamt to become a movie star and wrote a letter to Mack Sennett and enclosed some pictures of her. When she really got a positive answer she introduced to Sennett - the beginning was done.
The first detectable movie of Marion Mack was "Mary of the Movies" (23) in which she not only appeared as an actress but also wrote the script. This was an activity she often carried on but was never mentioned in the credits. Only in 1938 her name was mentioned as a screenwriter for the movie "Streamlined Swing".

After the movies "One of the Bravest" (25), "The Carnival Girl" (26) and "Alice in Movieland" (27) followed the height of her career with "The General" (27). That she got this role was pure chance. Buster Keaton was looking for a specific woman type. The makeup specialist Percy Westmore remembered Marion Mack from an earlier cooperation and arranged a meeting with Keaton. Buster Keaten decided to engage Marion Mack for his new movie.
The following six months taking shooting were so strenuous that Marion Mack decided rather to give up the filming than to be separated so long from her husband once more.

Inthe following years she concentrated to the work behind the camera and produced together with her husband different short films.

Marion Mack appeared again before the public at the beginning of the 70's, when the movie "The General" got great attention again. She toured through the USA to present the movie to an interested audience.