Bessie Love

Photo: Albert Witzel (1879-1929)

1898 - 1986

The actress Bessie Love was born as Juanita Horton in Texas.
Still in High school she was spotted by director D.W. Griffith for the movie. Juanita Horton had chosen the pseudonym Bessie Love and throw herself  into the film world with passion.

Already the first film she took part in belongs to the milestones of film history - "The Birth of a Nation" (15). She worked with much diligence in countless movies like "The Flying Torpedo" (16), "Stranded" (16), "Intolerance" (16), "A Daughter of the Poor" (17), "Polly Ann" (17), "The Great Adventure" (18) and "The Little Boss" (19) in the following years. 

Although Bessie Love worked always hard she didn't experience the same big stardom like Mary Pickford, Lillian Gish, Norma Talmadge or Gloria Swanson. Her career was characterized with many ups and downs.

The 20's marked the height of her career. Sie appeared in many movies and enchanted the audience with her performances in "The Swamp" (21), "The Sea Lion" (21), "Three Who Paid" (23), "Souls for Sale" (23), "Human Wreckage" (23), "St. Elmo" (23), "Torment" (24), "Sundown" (24), "The Lost World" (25), "Bulldog Courage" (25), "Meet the Prince" (26), "The American" (27) and "Idle Rich" (29) which profit from her charisma und screen presence.

At the beginning of the sound film era she was able to cause a stir as a musical star at the end of the 20's and at the beginning of the 30's. She played in movies like "The Broadway Melody" (29) - for which she was nominated as best actress in a leading role, "The Hollywood Revue of 1929 (29), "Chasing Rainbows" (30), "Conspiracy" (30) and "See America Thirst" (30). 

When her career in Hollywood broke down she went to London where she specifically worked for the theater. But she also took sporadically part in some movies like  "I Live Again" (36), "Atlantic Ferry" (41) and "Journey Together" (46).

From the 50's she appeared both in American and English movies, her well-known movies of these years belong "The Barefoot Contessa" (54), "Children of the Damned" (63), "Isadora" (68) and "Catlow" (71).

She made her last comeback in the 80's with appearances in the movies "Ragtime" (81), "Reds" (81) and "The Hunger" (83). 

Other movies with Bessie Love:
Acquitted (16) The Aryan (16) The Good Bad Man (16) Reggie Mixes In (16) Hell-to-Pay Austin (16) A Sister of Six (16) Heiress at Coffee Dan's (16) The Mystery of the Leaping Fish (16) Nina, the Flower Girl (17) Cheerful Givers (17) Sawdust Ring (17) Wee Lady Betty (17) How Could You, Caroline? (18) A Little Sister of Everybody (18) The Dawn of Understanding (18) The Enchanted Barn (19) Carolyn of the Corners (19) The Wishing Ring Man (19) A Yankee Princess (19) Cupid Forecloses (19) Over the Garden Wall (19) A Fighting Colleen (19) Bonnie May (20) Pegeen (20) The Midlanders (20) Penny of Top Hill Trail (21) The Vermilion Pencil (22) Forget Me Not (22) The Village Blacksmith (22) Night Life in Hollywood (22) Deserted at the Altar (22) The Ghost Patrol (23) The Eternal Three (23) Slave of Desire (23) Gentle Julia (23) Purple Dawn (23) Those Who Dance (24) The Silent Watcher (24) Dynamite Smith (24) Those Who Dare (24) Tongues of Flame (24) Soul-Fire (25) A Son of His Father (25) The Woman on the Jury (25) New Brooms (25) Marqueray's Duel (25) The King on Main Street (25) The Sond and Dance Man (26) Lovey Mary (26) Young April (26) Going Crooked (26) Rubber Tires (27) A Harp in Hock (27) Dress Parade (27) Amateur Night (27) The Matinee Idol (28) Sally of the Scandals (28) Anybody Here Seen Kelly? (28) The Girl in the Show (29) They Learned About Women (30) Good News (30) Morals for Women (31) Big City Interlude (32) London Scrapbook (42) You Can't Take It with You (47) The Magic Box (51) The Weak and the Wicked (53) Touch and Go (55) The Story of Esther Costello (57) Nowhere to Go (58) Too Young to Love (60) Next to No Time (60) The Greengage Summer (61) The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone (61) The Wild Affair (63) Promise Her Anything (66) I'll Never Forget What's 'is name (68) Battle Beneath the Earth (67) Serie "Randall and Hopkirk: When Did You Start to Stop Seeing Things?" (69) Serie "Public Eye: The Beater and the Game" (71) Sunday Bloody Sunday (71) Pollyanna (73) Mousey (74) Vampyres (74) The Ritz (76) Serie "Hollywood" (80) Serie "Edward & Mrs. Simpson" (80) Lady Chatterley's Lover (81)