Norma Talmadge

1894 - 1957

The actress Norma Talmadge began as a model at the age of 14 and attracted attention of a studio boss in New York. She got a first small part at Vitagraph in the movie "The Household Pest" (09). Because of her mother's intervention she was engaged for other small parts in the following year for the movies like "Uncle Tom's Cabin" (10) and "A Broken Spell" (10).

Eventually Norma Talmadge became offered a bigger part and she used the chance to prove her acting ability with the movie "A Tale of Two Cities" (11).
Already two years later she became the most promising up-and-coming actress at Vitagraph and acted among others in the movies "Casey at the Bat" (13), "The Other Woman" (13), "The Blue Rose" (13), "The Solitaires" (13), "Omens and Oracles" (13), "O'Hara as a Guardian Angel" (13), "Fanny's Conspiracy" (13), "Extremities" (13), "Cupid Versus Money" (14), "A Wayward Daughter" (14), "The Loan Shark King" (14), "Sunshine and Shadows" (14), "Sawdust and Salome" (14) and "The Peacemaker" (14).

When Norma Talmadge went to Hollywood in 1915, her first movie there with the title "Captivating Mary Carstairs" was a flop, the production company had to shut down.
Because her sister Constance Talmadge worked for D.W. Griffith at this time, she was able to arrange a contract for Norma with Griffith. In the following eight months Norma Talmadge played among others in "The Missing Links" (16), "Martha's Vindication" (16), "The Children in the House" (16) and "The Devil's Needle" (16). When her contract expired she returned to the East Coast where she met Joseph Schenck who she got married.
They founded their own production company and realised several movies including "Panthea" (17), "The Ghosts of Yesterday" (18), "De Luxe Annie" (18), "The Forbidden City" (18), "Dust of Desire" (19) and "The Isle of Conquest" (19).
In 1920 they moved the company to Hollywood because there was the place where all the big hits were produced. Also Norma Talmadge had a part in the success with her movies "The Wonderful Thing" (21), "Love's Redemption" (21), "The Eternal Flame" (22), "The Song of Love" (23), "The Lady" (25), "Camille" (26) and "The Dove" (27).

Norma Talmadge's fame faded quick from 1928. Her movie "The Woman Disputed" (28) was a flop and it followed only the movies "New York Nights" (29) and "Du Barry, Woman of Passion" (30) before she retired from the film business because of her unsuitable voice for the talkies. 

Beside Constance her sister Natalie Talmadge was also a successful actress.

Other movies with Norma Talmadge: 
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Panthea (17) The Isle of Conquest (19) Yes or No (20) The Wonderful Thing (21)