Maxine Elliott

Picture Maxine Elliott

1873 - 1940

The actress Maxine Elliott was born as Jessie C. Dermott in Rockland, Maine.
She often spent her childhood on a sailing ship which captain was her father.

At the age of 16 she entered the career of an actress and she impersonated her first professional role in the play "The Middleman" (1890) in New York. It followed a three-year tour through the USA and Canada and she adopted the stage name Maxine Elliott.

The Elliott sisters played together for the first time on stage in 1894 in the play "A Woman of No Importance". 
Maxine Elliott became established as an actress in the next years and she took part in numerous productions, among them "The Heart of Ruby", "A Midsummer Nights Dream" and "The Two Gentlemen of Verona".

While her artistic career was marked by heights her private life didn't went smoothly. Her first marriage with George McDermott got divorced two years later and also her second marriage with the actor Nat Goodwin was only lasting for ten years. Beside it she cultivated some romances, among them three important personaliltes of that time, the heavyweight boxer Jim Corbett, the great financier John Pierpoint Morgan aht the baseball superstar John Montgomery Ward.

When appeared in England for the second time in 1899 she also had her breakthrough there and she was celebrated as an actress in both continents. Maxine Elliott was not only a talented actres but also a clever businesswoman who knew how to convert her fame into financial success. She increased her fortune as one of the most beautiful women of her time as successful as her success as an actress.

She erected her own theater with her name "Maxine Elliott theatre" as the first woman in 1908 in New York. Although she gave up the management in 1920 the theater carried on under her name till 1941.

Maxine Elliott stopped working on stage during World War I and dedicated to the war-disabled persons and she look after them in France.
Sie financed a mobile hospitale out of her own pocket and helped many soldiers with it.

Brief before the beginning of World War I she made her film debut with "A Doll for the Baby" (13) and "When the West Was Young" (13). Before she retired from acting she appeared in two more silent movies called "The Fighting Odds" (17) and "The Eternal Magdalene" (19).

She returned on stage for a short time after the war, not at least to increase her fortune again which she spent for charties. In 1920 she retired from the stage for good and took up residence in England.

Her one year younger sister Getrude Elliott became also a celebrated actress.