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Eugen Thiele

1897 - 1938

The director and screenwriter Eugen Thiele was born as Eugen Isersohn in Vienna.

He began his career at the theater before he took over first jobs in the film business as assistant of other filmworkers.

He appeared as a movie actor in few productions like "Adieu Mascotte" (29) and "Der unsterbliche Lump" (30).
From 1930 he wrote several screenplays, among them "Susanne macht Ordnung" (30), "Gefahren der Liebe" (31) and "Das Glück von Grinzing" (33).

Also from 1930 he realised few movies as a director like "Susanne macht Ordnung" (30), "Mein Herz sehnt sich nach Liebe" (31) and "Der Feldherrnhügel" (32).

With the rise of the National Socialist the film career of the Jew Eugen Thiele came to an end. He emigrated to Vienna where he died in 1938 at the age of only 41. The circumstances of his death are not known.

His brother was the well-known movie director Wilhelm Thiele.

Other movies from Eugen Thiele (Director):
Gefahren der Liebe (31) Einer Frau muss man alles verzeih'n (31) Drei von der Stempelstelle (32) Tatra-Romanze (34)

Mein Herz sehnt sich nach Liebe (31)20) Die Dame im Koffer (21) Die Jungfrau von Kynast (21) Eine Weisse unter Kannibalen (21) Das Zimmer mit den sieben Türen (21) Das fränkische Lied (23)