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Wilhelm Thiele

1890 - 1975

The director and writer Wilhelm Thiele was born as Wilhelm Isersohn in Vienna.

After a musical education at the conservatory of Musikfreunde and an acting education at the Burgtheater he made his stage debut in Karlsbad in 1909.
It followed an engagement in Stuttgart before he joined the army during World War I where he realised revues for the troops. After the war he continued his stage career in Munich where he realised several plays as a director.

He joinded the film business as a movie director in 1921. His first movie was "Lyas beste Rolle" (21), it followed other silent movies like "Franz Lehar" (23), "Die selige Exzellenz" (27), "Orientexpress" (27), "Die Dame mit der Maske" (28) and "Adieu Mascotte" (29).

The transition to the sound film was no problem for him and he shot again successful comedies like "Liebeswalzer" (30), the classic "Die Drei von der Tankstelle" (30), "Madame hat Ausgang" (31) and "Mädchen zum Heiraten" (33).

His career in Germany came to an abrupt end because as a Jew he was no longer able wo work there. He went to England where he shot the movie "Waltz Time (33) and later to Austria where he realised the movie "Grossfürstin Alexandra" (33) to the USA.
There he continued his film career as a director and he shot "The Jungle Princess" (36), "London by Night" (37), "Bridal Suite" (39), "Bad Little Angel" (39), the two Tarzan-movies "Tarzan Triumphs" (43) and "Tarzan's Desert Mystery" (43) with Johnny Weissmüller as well as "The Madonna's Secret" (46) and "The Price of Freedom" (49).

He realised other productions in the 50s with "The Du Pont Story"  (50), the serial "The Lone Ranger" (54-55) and the serial "Cavalcade of America" (52-57). But he was not able to reach the popularity he had in Germany.

He came back to Germanby in 1960 where he directed his last two movies with "Der letzte Fussgänger (60) and "Sabine und die hundert Männer" (60). Afterwards he returned to the USA but did shoot movies again.

Besides his activity as a director Wilhelm Thiele wrote numerous screenplays like "Im Rausche der Milliarden" (22), "Zwei Kinder" (24), "Die Insel der Träume" (25), "Gräfin Plättmamsell" (26), "Die Czardasfürstin" (27), "Jugendrausch" (27), "Orientexpress" (27), "Madame hat Ausgang" (31), "The Face of Marble" (46), "The Prince of Freedom" (49) and "Der letzte Fussgänger" (60).

His brother was the director Eugen Thiele.

Other movies from Wilhelm Thiele (Director):
Carl Michael Ziehrers Märchen aus Alt-Wien (23) Fiat Lux (23) Das Totenmahl auf Schloss Begalitza (23) Der Anwalt des Herzens (27) Hurrah! Ich lebe! (28) Die Privatsekretärin (31) Der Ball (31) Zwei Herzen und ein Schlag (32) The Lottery Lover (35) Carnival in Paris (37) Beg, Borrow or Steal (37) The Ghost Comes Home (40) Engagement Party (56) Serie "Broken Arrow: Cry Wolf" (56) Serie "Telephone Time: The Man Who Discovered O. Henry" (57) Serie "Code 3: Gold in an Old Tin Can" (57)

Carl Michael Ziehrers Märchen aus Alt-Wien (23) Das Totenmahl auf Schloss Beglitza (23) Liebesfeuer (25) Die Kleine vom Varieté (26) Sein grosser Fall (26) Die selige Exzellenz (27) Der Anwalt des Herzens (27) Don't Get Personal (36) Stalbemates (38) She Wouldn't Say Yes (45) The Madonna's Secret (46) The Du Pont Story (50) Serie "Cavalcade of America: Slater's Dream" (53)

Orchideen (20) Carl Michael Ziehrer, der letzte Walzerkönig (22) Die Tat des Abbé Montmoulin (22) It Could Happen to You! (37)

The King Steps Out (36) Tarzan Triumphs (43)