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Hans Scholl

1918 - 1943

Hans Scholl became famous as a member of the resistance of the "Weisse Rose" in the National Socialist Germany. 

It is less known that Hans Scholl also impersonated a role in a movie.
In the production "Die Prinzessin Suwarin" (23) he played a small role at the age of 5 at the side of Lil Dagover, Heinrich Schroth, Xenia Desni, Rudolf Klein-Rogge, Lucie Mannheim, Anton Edthofer, Heinrich Gotho and Guido Herzfeld. The movie was directed by Johannes Guter. 

But this was his only appearance in front of the camera. 

As a teenager he was a member in the Jungvolk of the Hitler Youth, later he turned against the National Socialism together with his siblings.

He studied medicine and had to serve at the front as a corpsman. The experiences he made there encouraged him to found the resistance movement "Weisse Rose" which started to spread flyers. First they appealed for passive resistance, later also for acts of sabotage. 

When Hans Scholl had to serve in the army again from July 1942 he met Willi Graf. Graf joined the "Weisse Rose" after his return to Munich and Hans' sister Sophie Scholl came also to the resistance movement. 

During a flyer action Hans and Sophie Scholl got arrested in Munich in 1943. Only four days later they were sentenced to death. The verdict was executed at the same day. Also executed at this day was Christoph Probst.