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Alexander Kolowrat-Krakowsky

1886 - 1927

The producer Alexander "Sascha" Kolowrat-Krakowsky was born as Alexander Joseph Graf Kolowrat-Krakowsky in Glen Ridge.

When his family returned from the exile in the USA - his father Graf Leopold Philipp von Kolowrat-Krakowsky had killed someone in a duel and was compelled to go to exile because of the then law - Alexander Kolowrat-Krakowsky studied in Belgium.

Later he met the film pioneer Charles Pathé in Paris and he became enthusiastic abut the new film business. He was interested in technical innovations in general and he was fascinated by the balloon ride, the flying and motorized races.

When his father died he inherited his fortune and he founded the Sascha-Film-Fabrik. With this he established the Austrian film industry.

He produced his first movies from 1912 with "Pampulik kriegt ein Kind" (12), "Pampulik als Affe" (12) and "Pampulik hat Hunger" (13) and he also was responsible as a movie director for these productions.

Afterwards he concentrated to his activity as a producer and he realised numerous movies in the 10s like "Der Schusterprinz" (15), "Der Mann mit der Maske" (17), "Um ein Weib (18), "Don Juans letztes Abenteuer" (18), "Der Mandarin" (18) and "Der Umweg zur Ehe" (19).

He continued his cinematical career in the 20s and he smoothed the way for later movie stars like Marlene Dietrich and Willi Forst.
To his well-known productions of the 20s belong "Prinz und Bettelknabe" (20), "Herren der Meere" (22), "Sodom und Gomorrha" (22), "Namenlos" (23), "Die Sklavenkönigin" (24), "Pratermizzi" (27) and "Tingel Tangel" (27).

Beside his activity as a producer and director he also was the cinematographer for the movie "An Dalmatiens herrlichen Gestaden" (12) and he had an appearance as an actor in the movie "Der Millionenonkel" (13).

Beside it he remained active as a racing driver and he became well-known for his "Sascha" car he let construct by Porsche.

His film career and his life came to an abrupt end in 1927 when he died from cancer at the age of only 41.

Other movies from Alexander Kolowrat-Krakowsky (Producer):
Der Diebstahl (17) Wenn die Liebe auf den Hund kommt (17) Fred Roll (18) Der Märtyrer seines Herzens (18) Das Nachtlager von Mischli-Mischloch (18) Ihre beste Rolle (18) Das Baby (18) Little Pitsch als Meisterdetektiv (19) Das verunglückte Erbe (20) Fräulein Frau (23) Die Liebesbörse (27)

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