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Danny Gürtler

1875 - 1917

The actor Danny Gürtler was successful at the theater where he appeared among others at the Burgtheater, the Deutsches Theater und the Berliner Volksbühne.

Danny Gürtler was already as a child an inadequate contemporary and he continued this behavior as an adult. With the foundation of his cabaret "Die Schminkschatulle" in 1901 he created his own stage for provocative performances.
He became known as "King of the Bohème" and he was a demanded guest on many stages.

But his demonstrative behavior had also its negative side. Already during his active time as an actor he was delivered to psychiatrias time and again. He also came into conflict with the law when he insulted the pope in 1909. He was sent to prison for one month but he created his way to it pompous.

Besides his appearances at the theater he also wrote several books, among them "König der Bohème", "Hetärenlieder", "Der moderne Romantiker", "Der neue Messias", "Unkraut" and "Selbsterlebnisse im Gefängnis und Irrenhaus". For some of his publications he used the pen names Walter Emil Diller, Hans Hesse and Bram Stocker.

Danny Gürtler also impersonated some roles in front of the camera.
To these silent movies belong "Holzhacker" (08), "Kaberett. Entré" (08), "Waldhochzeit" (08) and "Die beiden alten Jungfern" (14).

The end of his life seemed to be catered to his former life. Mental bewildered he already died in 1917 in the lunatic asylum Herberge in Berlin.

Also puzzling are several publications on the internet, among others imdb.com and filmportal.de.
In imdb.com and filmportal.de his name is mentioned as an actor in later movies like "Wenn Columbine winkt" (19), "Die Welt ohne Liebe" (19), "Sehnsucht" (20), "Der Januskopf" (20), "Mensch und Mammon" (21), "Lauernder Tod" (21), "Schattenpflanzen der Grossstadt" (21), "Die Beichte der Gefallenen" (21), "Kaschemmenadel" (21), "Die Diktatur der Liebe" (21) and "Gold in New Frisco" (39). And his year of death is mentioned with 1971.
Maybe there is existing another actor with the same name.