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Luigi Bernauer

1899 - 1945

The actor, singer and composer Luigi Bernauer began his acting career at cabarets in Vienna where he often sang humorous songs.
He soon was successful in such a way that his songs were broadcasted in the radio and sold as records. Some of his own composed songs were also very successful like "Die alte Zahnradbahn".

Because of his popularity as a singer he was engaged as an actor for several movies from 1930.
Luigi Bernauer appeared in the next years in the productions "Wien, du Stadt der Lieder" (30), "Liebling der Götter" (30), "Drei Tage Liebe" (31), "Gloria" (31), "Holzapfel weiss alles" (32), "Brillanten" (37) and "Rheinische Brautfahrt" (39).

During World War II he entertained soldiers at the front. During a tour to Norway in died in Oslo in 1945.

Other movies with Luigi Bernauer: 
Kopfüber ins Glück (31) Der Liebesarzt (31) Schatten der Manege (31) Der Fall des Generalstabs-Oberst Redl (31) Kabarett-Programm Nr. 3 (31) Zwei himmelblaue Augen (32) Und du mein Schatz fährst mit (37)