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Bruno Arno

1902 - 1990

The actor Bruno Arno was born as Bruno Aron. He began his acting career already at the age of eight at the theater in Hamburg and from 1916 he appeared regularly on the stage.

After an education in ballet he became a ballet master at the theater and was also responsible for the choreography. This led to his engagement in Berlin by Max Reinhardt and he was also choreographing plays there.

He began his film career in the silent movie era and took part in movies like "Die Frau für 24 Stunden" (25), "Überflüssige Menschen" (26), "Benno Stehkragen" (27), "Die Hochstaplerin" (27), "Das Haus ohne Männer" (28) and "Gaunerliebchen" (28).

In the 30's followed few more movies, so "Die vom Rummelplatz" (30), "Die grosse Attraktion" (31) and "Sag' mir, wer Du bist" (33).
As a Jew he hardly found work after 1933 and in 1935 he left Germany and went to Switzerland and afterwards to Italy. In 1937 followed the emigration to Argentina where he was able to work again.

Only in 1955 he came back to Germany and returned to his origins in Hamburg.
In the film business he only appeared in one more movie called "Die Nacht zum Vierten" (66).

He retired from acting in 1970 and dedicated to the painting. 

His brother was the famous actor Siegfried Arno.

Weitere Filme mit Bruno Arno:
Der Sohn des Hannibal (26) Erpresser (29) Die grosse Sehnsucht (30) Das Geheimnis der roten Katze (31) Und wer küsst mich? (33)