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Irmgard Alberti

1908 - ?

The actress Irmgard Alberti launched a short lasting film career in the 30s.

In her first movie "Trenck" (32) she played a duchess at the side of Hans Stüwe, Dorothea Wieck, Olga Tschechowa, Theodor Loos and Paul Hörbiger.

In the next years followed other support roles, among them Karel Lamac's "Der König lächelt - Paris lacht" (36) as the old woman with the love potion with Willy Eichberger, Rose Stradner, Alfred Neugebauer, Leo Slezak und Lucie Englisch, "Fräulein Veronika" (36) directed by Veit Harlan with Willy Eichberger, Hans Moser, Theo Lingen, Grethe Weiser, Hilde Hildebrand and Hubert von Meyerinck, as maid Olga "Manja Walewska" (36) with Olga Tschechowa, Maria Andergast, Hans Schott-Schöbinger and Rudolf Carl, Arthur Maria Rabenalt's "Das Frauenparadies" (36) with Hortense Raky, Ivan Petrovich, Georg Alexander, Leo Slezak, Annie Rosar and Hans Richter, "Augenzeugen" (37) with Fritz Genschow, Hans Mierendorff and Friedel Pisetta as well as countess Nelly in "Prinzessin Sissy" (39) with Paul Hörbiger, Gerda Maurus, Traudl Stark, Hansi Knoteck and Otto Tressler.

Irmgard Alberti was married with the production designer Hans Ledersteger. Her daughter was the well-known actress Barbara Valentin.