Sol M. Wurtzel

Sol M. Wurtzel

1881 - 1954

The producer Sol M. Wurtzel belonged to the most influential movie producers of the golden era of Hollywood in the 30s.
He began his film career as an executive assistent of William Fox. Fox sent him to California in 1917 in order to overview the studios of "West Coast Productions". 
There he soon was able to set priorities and as a workaholic he had a huge influence to the production. He also came in touch with stars like Theda Bara and Tom Mix. 
His first active corporation as a producer came for the silent movie "7th Heaven" (27) into being and from 1932 he raised to one of the most successful producers for Fox.
Sol M. Wurtzel was especially responsible for the so-called B pictures of the 30s and 40s. But he realised them so professionally that these productions did´t need to fear the comparison with the A productions. 
Quite the contrary, because he was able to produce these B pictures with few money, still the movies were very successful at cinema which contributed a formidable benefit for the Fox studios and ensured their existence.
To Sol M. Wurtzel's well-known movies of the early 30s belong "Hello, Sister!" (33), "Frontier Marshal" (34), "Orient Express" (34), "Bright Eyes" (34) with Shirley Temple, "Charlie Chan in Paris" (35) and "This Is the Life" (35).
In the second part of the 30s came other movies into being with the best paid star of the 30s - Shirley Temple - but he also launched other successful movies in other genres, among them movies with the figures Charlie Chan and Mr. Moto. 
Th his movies of those years belong "Gentle Julia" (36), "Human Cargo" (36), "High Tension" (36), "36 Hours to Kill" (36), "Born Reckless" (37), "Think Fast, Mr. Moto" (37), "Change of Heart" (38), "Mr. Moto's Gamble" (38), "Mr. Moto Takes a Chance" (38), "Charlie Chan in Honolulu" (38), "Frontier Marshal" (39) and "The Escape" (39).
Sol M. Wurtzel continued his film career in the 40s and was very successful with some movies with Laurel & Hardy which presented the duo in top form again to an enthusiatic audience.
To his most popular productions of the 40s belong "Charlie Chan in Panama" (40), "Manhattan Heartbeat" (40), "Murder Over New York" (40), "Great Guns" (41), ""Scotland Yard" (41), "Dressed to Kill" (41), "Charlie Chan in Rio" (41), "A-Haunting We Will Go (42)", "The Man Who Wouldn't Die" (42), "Time to Kill" (42), "Jitterbugs" (43), "The Big Noise" (44), "Dangerous Millions" (46), "Dangerous Years" (47), "Night Wind" (48) and "Tucson" (49).
The intuition for stars and film makers cropped up time and again during his career. He helped John Ford to his great career and he spotted stars like Will Rogers, Rita Cansino - who became famous as Rita Hayworth and of course Norma Jean Baker who became an iconic figure as Marilyn Monroe. Other stars he helped for their breakthrough were Humphrey Bogart, Ray Milland, Glenn Ford, Ginger Rogers and Robert Taylor.

Other movies from Sol M. Wurtzel: 
Mystery Ranch (32) Walls of Gold (33) Sleepers East (34) Murder in Trinidad (34) Wild Gold (34) Handy Andy (34) Pursued (34) Judge Priest (34) Elinor Norton (34) 365 Nights in Hollywood (34) Mystery Woman (35) Life Begins at Forty (35) $10 Raise (35) Ginger (35) Black Sheep (35) Dante's Inferno (35) Steamboat Round the Bend (35) Navy Wife (35) Paddy O'Day (35) My Marriage (36) Song and Dance Man (36) The Country Beyond (36) Little Miss Nobody (36) The Crime of Dr. Forbes (36) Pepper (36) Star for a Night (36) Ramona (36) Thank You, Jeeves! (36) Fifteen Maiden Lane (36) Can This Be Dixie? (36) Career Woman (36) Woman-Wise (37) The Holy Terror (37) Fair Warning (37) That I may Live (37) One Mile from Heaven (37) Dangerously Yours (37) Thank You, Mr. Moto (37) City Girl (38) International Settlement (38) Love on a Budget (38) Walking Down Broadway (38) Island in the Sky (38) Battle of Broadway (38) Speed to Burn (38) Passport Husband (38) Keep Smiling (38) Meet the Girls (38) Time Out for Murder (38) Mysterious Mr. Moto (38) Five of a Kind (38) Sharpshooters (38) Up the River (38) While New York Sleeps (38) Mr. Moto's Last Warning (39) The Arizona Wildcat (39) Pardon Our Nerve (39) Chasing Danger (39) Mr. Moto Takes a Vacation (39) News Is Made at Night (39) Chicken Wagon Family (39) Stop, Look and Love (39) Pack Up Your Troubles (39) 20''' Men a Year (39) Heaven with a Barbed Wire Fence (39) The Honeymoon's Over (39) The Cisco Kid and the Lady (39) The Man Who Wouldn't Talk (40) City of Chance (40) High School (40) Young as You Feel (40) Viva Cisco Kid (40) Free, Blonde and 21 (40) Shooting High (40) On Their Own (40) Girl in 313 (40) Earthbound (40) Lucky Cisco Kid (40) Sailor's Lady (40) Pier 13 (40) Girl from Avenue A (40) Yesterday's Heroes (40) Charter Pilot (40) Michael Shayne: Private Detective (40) Jennie (40) Romance of the Rio Grande (41) Ride, Kelly, Ride (41) Sleepers West (41) Scotland Yard (41) Ride on Vaquero (41) Dance Hall (41) Private Nurse (41) We Go Fast (41) Last of the Duanes (41) The Riders of the Purple Sage (41) Cadet Girl (41) Blue, White and Perfect (42) Right to the Heart (42) Young America (42) Secret Agent of Japan (42) Lone Star Ranger (42) Sundown Jim (42) Who Is Hope Schuyler? (42) Whispering Ghosts (42) Thru Different Eyes (42) Just Off Broadway (42) Manila Calling (42) Dr. Renault's Secret (42) Chetniks (43) He Hired the Boss (43) Bomber's Moon (43) Rendezvous 24 (46) Deadline for Murder (46) Strange Journey (46) Backlash (47) jewels of Brandenburg (47) The Crimson Key (47) Second Chance (47) The Invisible Wall (47) Roses Are Red (47) Half Past Midnight (48) Arthur Takes Over (48) Fighting Back (48) Trouble Preferred (48) Miss Mink of 1949 (49)