Jane Winton

1905 - 1959

The actress Jane Winton began her artistic career as a dancer for the legendary Ziegfeld Follies.

When she went to Hollywood she started a successful film career and she got offered many interesting roles in the next years.

After her film debut "Tomorrow's Love" (25) she soon became a demanded actress and she took part in "The Love Toy" (26), "My Old Dutch" (26), "Don Juan" (26), "Millionaires" (26), "The Money Talks" (27), "The Beloved Rogue" (27), "Sunrise" (27), "Burning Daylight" (28), "The Patsy" (28), "The Bridge of San Luis Rey" (29) and "Scandal" (29).

Her appearances in front of the camera diminished in the 30s, to her few movies of those years belong "The Furies" (30), "Hell's Angels" (30), "The Crane Poison Case" (32), "The Light Fantastic" (35) and "Limelight" (37).

Afterwards she retired from the film business.

Besides her acting career she also was active as an opera singer and her engagements led her abroad as well. To her well-known opera performances belong "I Pagliacci" for the National Grand Opera Company and "Caviar".
Beside it she also wrote two novels in the 50s called "Park Avenue Doctor" (51) and "Passion is the Gale" (52).

Jane Winton was among others married with the 24 years older writer Charles Kenyon.

Other movies mit Jane Winton:
His Supreme Moment (25) Why Girls Go Back Home (26) Footloose Widows (26) The Passionate Quest (26) The Honeymoon Express (26) Across the Pacific (26) My Official Wife (26) Upstream (27) The Gay Old Bird (27) Perch of the Devil (27) Lonesome Ladies (27) The Poor Nut (27) The Crystal Cup (27) The Fair Co-Ed (27) Bare Knees (28) Honeymoon Flats (28) Yellow Lily (28) Melody of Love (28) Nothing to Wear (28) Captain Lash (29) In the Next Room (30) Show Girl in Hollywood (30) A Notorious Affair (30) The Week End Mystery (31) Hired Wife (34)