Walter West

1885 - 1958


The director and producer Walter West was born as Walter Alabaster West in Cookha, Bray, Berkshire.

He already appeared in 1915 in the film business for the first time and he made his film debut as actor in "A Bold Adventuress" (15). Two years later followed his second and last appearance in front of the camera in "The Adventures of Dick Dolan" (17).

Although in 1915 he began to direct movies and soon became an important film worker in the British silent movie era.
To his first silent movies as a director belong "The Woman Who Did" (15), "The Merchant of Venice" (16), "The Knockout Blow" (17), "Not Negotiable" (18), "Under Suspicion" (19) and "A Daughter of Eve" (19).

At the same time he also produced many of his own movies, but he also produced movies for other directors.
In the course of his career he owned several productions companies, among others the "Broadwest Films".

In the 20's followed the height of his career which was also the most productive time. He shot movies like "The Case of Lady Camber" (20), "The Loudwater Mystery" (21), "When Greek Meets Greek" (22), "The Scarlet Lady" (2), "In the Blood" (23), "Beautiful Kitty" (23), "A Daughter of Love" (25), "Riding for a King" (26), "The Brotherhood" (26) and "Maria Marten" (28). 
The actress Violet Hopson impersonate many leading roles in his movies of that time.

With the rise of the talkies Walter West did hardly appear in the film business. To his few movies as a director belong "Aura No. 1" (30), "Aura No. 2" (30), "Hundred to One" (33) and finally "We Do Believe in Ghosts" (47), his last movie.

Other movies from Walter West (Director):
A London Flat Mystery (15) The Hard Way (16) Burnt Wings (16) The Answer (16) The Ware Case (17) The House Opposite (17) Sisters in Arms (18)  Missing the Tide (18) A Fortune at Stake (18) Snow in the Desert (19) A Great Coup (19) The Gentleman Rider (19) Her Son (20) Kissing Cup's Race (20) Vi of Smith's Alley (21) A Sportsman's Wife (21) The Imperfect Lover (21) Was She Justified? (22) Son of Kissing Cup (22) What Price Loving Cup? (23) The Lady Owner (23) Hornet's Nest (23) The Stirrup Cup Sensation (24) The Great Turf Mystery (24) Trainer and Temptress (25) Woodcroft Castle (26) The Stolen Favourite (26) The Golden Spurs (26) Beating the Book (26) Warned Off (28) 

The Merchant of Venice (16) The Hard Way (16) Burnt Wings (16) The Ware Case (17) The Ragged Messenger (17) A Munition Girl's Romacne (17) The Knockout Blow (17) The House Opposite (17) A Gamble for Love (17) The Adventures of Dick Dolan (17) Sisters in Arms (18) A Fortune at Stake (18) The Woman Wins (18) A Turf Conspiracy (18) The Snare (18) Under Suspicion (19) A Great Coup (19) A Daughter of Eve (19) The Soul of Guilda Lois (19) The Irresistible Flapper (19) In the Gloaming (19) The Romance of a Movie Star (20) The Rank Outsider (20) The Great Gay Road (20) A Dead Certainty (20) A Son of David (20) Christie Johnstone (21) Her Penalty (21) In Full Cry (21) The Penniless Millionaire (21) Beautiful Kitty (23) Aura No. 1 (30) Aura No. 2 (30) Hundred to One (33) We Do Believe in Ghosts (47)

A Bold Adventuress (15) The Loudwater Mystery (21)