Emmy Wehlen

Emmy Wehlen

1887 - 1977

The actress and singer Emmy Wehlen was born in Mannheim where she also got a singing education at the Mannheimer conservatory. She made first stage experiences at musical theaters of the Thalia-Theater company in Stuttgart, Munich and Berlin. 

Thank to her success managers abroad became aware of her as well and she was engaged to London where she became a celebrated operetta star from 1909 after her appearances in "The Merry Widow" and "The Dollar Princess". 

In the next years followed many other engagements, among others in New York at the later Loew's New York Theatre and on Broadway. 

From 1915 she shifted her interest to the film business (where she often appeared as Emily Wehlen) and was able to became established as a leading actress too in no time. 

After her first movie "When a Woman Loves" (15) followed the movies "Her Reckoning" (15) with H. Cooper Cliffe and Edgar L. Davenport and "The Pretenders" (16). 

Her most successful year as a movie actress followed in 1917 and she impersonated varied roles in productions like "Vanity" (17), "The Trail of the Shadow" (17), "Miss Robinson Crusoe" (17), "The House of Gold" (18) with Joseph Kilgour, "The Amateur Adventuress" (19) with Eugene Pallette, Lucille Ward and Rosemary Theby and "A Favor to a Friend" (19) with Jack Mulhall and Joseph Kilgour. 

Her last movie came in 1920 into being with "Lifting Shadows" (20) with Stuart Holmes and Wyndham Standing, afterwards she returned to the stage. 
Few years later she retired from her acting and singing career. 

Other movies with Emmy Wehlen:
When a Woman Loves (15) Her Reckoning (15) The Master Smiles (16) The Pretenders (16) Vanity (17) Sowers and Reapers (17) The Trail of the Shadow (17) The Belle of the Season (17) Miss Robinson Crusoe (17) The Outsider (17) The Shell Game (18) The House of Gold (18) His Bonded Wife (18) Sylvia on a Spree (18) The Amateur Adventuress (19) Fools and Their Money (19) A Favor to a Friend (19) Lifting Shadows (20)