Henriette Watson

Foto: Lallie Charles (1869-1919)

1873 - 1964

The actor Earle Metcalfe belonged to the busiest movie actors of the 10s and he took part in countless short movies. 

To his numerous appearances in front of the camera of those years belong "A Girl's Bravery" (12), "Juan and Juanita" (12), "The Mexican Spy" (13), "The Price of Jealousy" (13), "The Great Pearl" (13), "The Gamblers" (14), "The Man from the Sea" (14), "The Human Investment" (15), "The Cipher Key" (15), "The Darkness Before Dawn" (15), "The Last Rebel" (15), "The Last Shot" (16), "The Jade Necklace" (17), "A Long Lane" (17), "Kidnapped" (17), "The Battler" (19) and "The Woman of Lies" (19).

He was able to continue his career successfully in the 20s and he impersonated again roles in many productions. 
Among them are "The Fortune Hunter" (20), "Eden and Return" (21), "Ignorance" (22), "The Lone Wagon" (23), "Kit Carson Over the Great Divide" (25), "Ship of Souls" (25), "The Call of the Klondike" (26), "The Mystery Club" (26), "Sin Cargo" (26), "The King of Kings" (27), "Air Mail Pilot" (28) and "Eagle of the Night" (28).

Besides acting Earle Metcalfe also realised several movies as a director like "His Three Brides" (15), "Bashful Billie" (15), "Insomnia" (16), "A Temporary Husband" (16), "Hamlet Made Over" (16), "Dare Devil Bill" (16) and "Mr. Housekeeper" (16).

Earle Metcalfe died at the age of only 39 in the year 1928 by a tragically accident when he fell from a plan.
Maybe this accident happing during a shooting of one of his last two movies because both movies are located in the environment of the flying - unfortunately there are no more specific information about the circumstances of his death available.

Other movies with Henriette Watson:
Creeping Shadows (31) Collision (32) The Pointing Finger (34) Things Are Looking Up (35) The Guv'nor (35) The Brown Wallet (36)