Fannie Ward

1872 - 1952

The actress Fannie Ward was a big star on Broadway where she especially was successful in light comedies.
She made her Broadway debut in 1890 and it followed other appearances on other stages. In the same year she went to London where she continued her theater career and got married with the diamant broker Joe Lewis.

she returned to the USA in 1907 and took part again in numerous plays. 

Cecil B. DeMille engaged her for his movie "The Cheat" (15) engagiert and with it began a second busy career for the film. 
In the next years she impersonated many other roles in movies like "For the Defense" (16), "Witchcraft" (16), "Betty to the Rescue" (17), "Unconquered" (17), "Innocent" (18), "The Only Way" (19) and "The Cry of the Weak" (19). She often appeared at Jack Dean's side and they got married in 1916. 

Her film career came to an end in the 20's when new faces were demanded by the audience. To her last cinematical works belong "Le secret du lone Star" (20) and "La rafale" (20), both shot in France as well as "The Hardest Way" (21) and "Fannie Ward in the Miracle Woman" (29).

Fannie Ward opened a beauty shop in Paris in 1926 called "The Fountain of Youth", beside it she continued to act at different theaters. 

Other movies with Fannie Ward: 
The Marriage of Kitty (15) Tennessee's Pardner (16) A Gutter Magdalene (16) Each Pearl a Tear (16) The Years of the Locust (16) The Winning of Sally Temple (17) A School for Husbnads (17) Her Strange Wedding (17) The Crystal Gazer (17) On the Level (17) The Yellow Ticket (18) A Japanese Nightingale (18) The Narrow Path (18) Common Clay (19) The Profiteers (19) Our Better Selves (19)