Fred Walton

Fred Walton

1865 - 1936

The actor Fred Walton was etablished on stage for many years when he gained a foothold in the film business at the age of 45 and withit he became one of the British film pioneer. 

To his first appearances in front of the camera belong "The Hall-Room Boys" (10), "Her Words Came True" (11), "The Picnic" (11) and "A Turkish Cigarette" (11).

It followed a longer interruption before he continued his film career from 1924 and he remained active in movies till to his death. 
To his silent movies of the 20s belong "The Fast Set" (24), "She Wolves" (25),  "The Splendid Crime" (25), "The City" (26), "Almost Human" (27), "The House of Shame" (28) and "Dynamite" (29).

In the sound film era of the 30s he impersonated numerous other roles, among them "The Last Dance" (30), "The Big Gamble" (31), "Black Moon" (34), "British Agent" (34), "Father Brown, Detective" (34), "Forbidden Heaven" (35), "The Story of Louis Pasteur" (36), "Little Lord Fantuleroy" (36), "Dracula's Daughter" (36) and "Lloyd's of London" (36).

Besides his activity as an actor Fred Walton also realised some movies as a director at the beginning of his career like "Babes in the Woods" (11) and "April Fool" (11).

Other movies with Fred Walton:
Mr. Four Flush (10) The Reporter (11) Oh, Baby! (11) A Foot Romance (11) Marriage in Transit (25) New Brooms (25) Eight-Cylinder Bull (26) 30 Below Zero (26) Car Shy (27) The Little Adventuress (27) His Dog (27) The Wise Wife (27) South of Panama (28) Below the Deadline (29) Circumstantial Evidence (29) Sin Takes a Holiday (30) Kiki (31) It Hapened One Night (34) Name the Woman (34) The Cat's-Paw (34) The Moonstone (34) Behind the Evidence (35) Vagabond Lady (35) Two Sinners (35) A Feather in Her Hat (35) Dangerous Intrigue (36) The House of a Thousand Candles (36) The Country Beyond (36) The White Angel (36)