Henry Vibart

Henry Vibart

1863 - 1939

The actor Henry Vibart began his theater career in 1886 and in the next years he became an established actor. 
His successes led him to tours around the world, among others to Australia, New Zealand and the USA. 

Thank to his popularity at the theater - he took part in more than 10'000 performances - he entered the still young film business in 1911.

There he became a much demanded actor as well and he impersonated roles in movies like "Princess Clementina" (11), "Creatures of Clay" (14), "The Terror of the Air" (14), "In the Shadow of Big Ben" (14), "The Little Minister" (15), "The Traitor" (15), "Annie Laurie" (16), "God and the Man" (18) and "The City of Beautiful Nonsense" (19).

He reached the peak of his film career in the 20s where he alwo worked for the Hepworth Studio. 
To his well-known productions of those years belong "The Amazing Quest of Mr. Ernest Bliss" (20),  "Enchantment" (20), "The Four Feathers" (21), "A Woman of No Importance" (21), "The Bohemian Girl" (22), "The Naked Man" (23), "A Kiss for Cinderella" (25), "The Dancer of Paris" (26), "The Physician" (28) and "High Treason" (29).

The end of the silent film era was also the end of his own film career.
In the sound film of the 30s he only appeared rarely in front of the camera, to these few movies belong "School for Scandal" (30) and "Stranglehold" (31).

Other movies with Henry Vibart:
The Stress of Circumstance (14) Dr. Fenton's Ordeal (14) The Schemers or The Jewels of Hate (14) The Hills Are Calling (14) Life's Dark Road (14) The Shepherd of Souls (15) Barnaby Rudge (15) Spies (15) As Ye Repent (15) Tilly an dthe Nut (15) The Passsing of a Soul (15) The Incorruptible Crown (15) Behind the Curtain (15) The Baby on the Barge (15) The Golden Pavement (15) The Nightbirds of London (15) Partners (16) The Marriage of William Ashe (16) The Grand Babylon Hotel (16) Molly Bawn (16) Her Marriage Lines (17) Masks and Faces (17) The Blindness of Fortune (17) Herself (18) Towards the Light (18) Victory and Peace (18) Castle of Dreams (19) Gamlers All (19) John Forrest Finds Himself (20) Burnt In (20) Aylwin (20) Judge Not (20) The Bargain (21) Sonia (21) The Beryl Coronet (21) Mr. Justice Raffles (21) Weavers of Fortune (22) The Crimson Circle (22) Simple Simon (22) A Bill of Divorcement (22) Flames of Passion (22) Boden's Boy (23) Should a Doctor Tell? (23) Woman to Woman (23) Comin' Thro the Rye (23) The World of Wonderful Reality (24) The Great Prince Shan (24) The Prude's Fall (24) Who Is the Man? (24) Just Suppose (26) La flamme (26) The Wilderness Woman (26) Prince of Tempters (26) Poppies of Flanders (27) The Poor Nut (27) Quinneys (27) Land of Hope and Glory (27) Toni (28) Love's Optoin (28) The Flying Squad (29) The Bondman (29) Potiphar's Wife (31)