Joseph A. Valentine

1900 - 1949

The cinematographer Joseph A. Valentine began his cinematical career in the Middle of the 20's and became one of the most important cinematographer for Universal in the 30s and 40s. 

he began as a camera assistant after World War I before he became a cinematographer for Fox in 1924. In the next years he shot the productions "My Husband's Wives" (24), "Star Dust Trail" (24), "7th Heaven" (27), "Protection" (29) and "The Girl from Havana" (29).

Joseph A Valentine improved his handcraft in the 30's and he realised movies like "Soup to Nuts" (30), "Night of Terror" (33), "Man Hunt" (33), "A Woman's Man" (34) and "Student Tour" (34).

When he joined Universal in 1935 he soon became a demanded cinematographer and he shot impressive pictures to popular movies. To these movies belong "Remember Last Night?" (35), "Two in a Crowd" (36), "Three Smart Girls" (36), "One Hundred Men and a Girl" (37), "The Rage of paris" (38), "That Certain Age" (38) and "First Love" (39).

The 40s marked the height of his career. He filmed "It's a Date" (40), "Spring Parade" (40), "In the Navy" (41), "The Wolf Man" (41), Hitchcock's "Saboteur" (42) and "Shadow of a Doubt" (43), "Tomorrow Is Forever" (46), "Possessed" (47) and again Hitchcock's "Rope" (48). With his participation at "Joan of Arc" (48) he finally got an Oscar after four nominations in the years 1938, 1939, 1940 and 1941. 

At the height of his career and only two months after the Oscar he died unexpectedly at the age of 48 because of a heart attack.

Other movies with Clara Horton:
Folly of Vanity (24) Curlytop (24) The Scarlet Honeymoon (25) News Parade (28) Prep and Pep (28) Nertz (29) Sepakeasy (29) Crazy That Way (30) Cheer Up and Smile (30) Are You There? (30) Obey the Law (33) What Price Innocence? (33) Jimmy and Sally (33) Myrt and Marge (33) Three on a Honeymoon (34) Wild Gold (34) Call It Luck (34) Alias Mary Dow (35) Swellhead (35) Doubting Thomas (35) Next Time We Love (36) The Moon's Our Home (36) The Man I Marry (36) Top of the Town (37) Wings Over Honolulu (37) Merry Go Round of 1938 (37) Mad About Music (38) Three Smart Girls Grow Up (39) My Little Chickadee (40) The Boys from Syracuse (40) One Night in the Tropics (40) Trail of the Vigilantes (40) Nice Girl? (41) Unfinished Business (41) Appointment for Love (41) Keep 'Em Flying (41) Between Us Girls (42) Guest Wife (45) So Goes My Love (46) Heartbeat (46) Lover Come Back (46) Magnificent Doll (46) Sleep, My Love (48) The Time of Your Life (48) Bride for Sale (49)