Ernest Truex

1889 - 1973

The actor Ernest Truex made first acting experiences thanks to an acting education by a client of his father who was working as a physician. When the client wasn't able to pay the invoice he gave lessons to his son Ernest. 

It didn't last long before Ernest Truex made his stage debut at the age of 5 and he acted among others in Shakespeare plays. When his father died in 1899 he went on tour with his mother with the show "The Child Entertainers" and Ernest Truex recited the works of Shakespeare. 1899 verstarb, ging seine Mutter mit ihm auf Tour mit der Show "The Child Entertainers", wo Ernest Truex die Werke Shakespeares rezitierte.

In 1908 he appeared for the first time on Broadway at Lillian Russell's side and he soon became established as a serious actor as an adult.

Ernest Truex made his film debut with "Caprice" (13) at Mary Pickford's side. It followed "A Good Little Devil" (14), "The Bomb Boy" (14), "Come on In" (18) and "Oh, You Women!" (19). Many of his movies were comedies in which he came into his own. 

In the next years followed only few more silent movies like "The Night of the Dub" (20), "Stick Around" (21) and "Six Cylinder Love" (23).

The theater kept his main acitivity in the following years but with the sound film of the 30's his engagements in front of the camera increased and he impersonated leading roles as well as support roles. 

To his well-known movies of the 30's belong "Whistling in the Dark" (33), "Get That Venus" (33), "Only the Brave" (35), "Everbybody Dance" (36), "The Adventures of Marco Polo" (38), "Ambush" (39), "Island of Lost Men" (39) and "It's a Wonderful World" (39).

The 40's marked the last decade of numerous motion pictures before he turned towards television after the war. 
Ernest Truex appeared among others in "Adventure in Diamonds" (40), "Lillian Russell" (40), "Tillie the Toiler" (41), "The Affairs of Martha" (42), "This Is the Army" (43), "Her Primitive Man" (44), "Life with Blondie" (45) and "Always Together" (47).

With his engagement for television from the 50's he got offered a lot of diversified roles, often in single episodes of popular serials. Only seldom he took part again in motion pictures. 

To his last cinematical works belong the serial "Danger: Final Rejection" (51), the serial "Inner Sanctum: The Yellow Parakeet" (54), the serial "Jamie" (54), the serial "The United States Steel Hour: Man in the Corner" (55), the serial "Climax: House of Shadows" (55), "The Leather Saint" (56), "Twilight for the Gods" (58), the serial "Pete and Gladys" (61), the serial "The Twilight Zone: Kick the Can" (62), the serial "Bonanza: Square Deal Sam" (64) and "Fluffy" (65).

Ernest Truex was married with the actresses Julia Mills, Mary Jane Barrett and Sylvia Field.

Other movies with Ernest Truex:
An American Citizen (14) Dope (14) The Quest of the Sacred Jewel (14) Arite, the Millionaire Kid (16) Goody-Bie-Bill (18) Little, But Oh My! (21) The Bashful Lover (22) The Warrior's Husband (33) Gentlemen of the Bar (34) Object Not Matrimony (35) Friendly Spirits (35) The Light Fantastic (35) The Amateur Husband (35) Ladies Love Hats (35) Triple Trouble (36) Mama Runs Wild (37) Start Cheering (38) Freshman Year (38) Swing That Cheer (38) Swing, Sister, Swing (38) Sales Slips (39) Bachelor Mother (39) These Glamour Girls (39) The Under-Pup (39) Little Accident (39) His Girl Friday (40) Slightly Honorable (40) Little Orvie (40) Dance, Girl, Dance (40) Calling All Husbands (40) Christmas in July (40) The Gay Vagabond (41) We Go Fast (41) Unexpected Uncle (41) Don't Get Personal (42) Twin Beds (42) You're Telling Me (42) Private Buckaroo (42) The Crystal Ball (43) Rhythm of the Islands (43) Fired Wife (43) Sleepy Lagoon (43) True to Life (43) Chip Off the Old Block (44) Pan-Americana (45) Men in Her Diary (45) Club Havana (45) A Night in Paradise (46) The Girl from Manhattan (48) Serie "The Chevrolet Tele-Theatre: Home Life of a Buffalo" (48) Serie "The Chevrolet Tele-Theatre: Suppressed Desires" (49) Serie "Suspense; Suspicion" (49) Serie "Program Playhouse: The Timid Soul" (49) Serie "Starlight Theatre: Much Ado About Spring" (50) Serie "Starlight Theatre: The Philanderer" (50) Serie "Cameo Theatre: Weep the Heart" (50) Serie "The Ford Theatre Hour: Father Malachy's Miracle" (50) Serie "The Ford Theatre Hour: The Ghost Patrol" (51) Serie "Celanese Theatre: Reunion in Vienna" (52) Serie "Cameo Thetre: The Canon's Curtain" (52) Serie "Broadway Television Theatre: Angel in the Pawnshop" (52) Serie "Broadway Television Theatre: Nothing But the Truth" (52) Serie "Goodyear Television Playhouse:  Mr. Quimby's Christmas Hats" (52) Serie "Broadway Television Theatre: Outward Bound" (52) Serie "Kraft Television Theatre: The Mollusc" (52) Serie "Mister Peepers" (52-53) Serie "Armstrong Circle Theatre: The Anchorage" (53) Serie "The Doctor: Googan" (53) Serie "Kraft Television Theatre: The Rainy Day" (53) Serie "The Philco Television Playhouse: The Velvet Mitten" (53) Serie "Broadway Television Theatre: George and Margaret" (53) Serie "ABC Album: Jamie" (53) Serie "Medallion Theatre: The Grand Cross of the Crescent" (53) Serie "Goodyear Television Playhouse: Her Prince Charming" (53) Serie "Goodyear Television Playhouse: The Cipher" (53) Serie "Goodyear Television Playhouse: A. Fadeout" (53) Serie "Justice: Call Me Guilty" (54) Serie "Kraft Television Theatre: Alice in Wonderland" (54) Serie "Armstrong Circle Theatre:  Fred Allen's Sketchbook" (54) Serie "Kraft Television Theatre: The Passionate Bystander" (54) Serie "Kraft Television Theatre: Thirty, Honey, Thirty" (55) Serie "Armstrong Circle Theatre: The Fatal Trap" (55) Serie "Armstrong Circle Theatre: Crack-Up" (55) Serie "The Elgin Hour: Misummer Melody" (55) Serie "Lux Video Theatre: Make Way for Tomorrow" (55) Serie "Studio One: The Spongers" (55) Serie "Producers' Showcase: Our Town" (55) Serie "Star Tonight: Have Faith in Your Agent" (55) Serie "Justice: Eyewitness" (56) Serie "Lux Video Theatre: It Happened on Fifth Avenue" (57) Serie "Playhouse 90: If You Knew Elizabeth" (57) All Mine to Give (57) Serie "Father Knows Best: Grandpa Retires" (57) Serie "The Millionaire: The Andrew Sterling Story" (58) Serie "The Twilight Zone: What You Need" (59) Serie "The Tom Ewell Show: The Friendly Man" (60) Serie "The DuPont Show with June Allyson: Silent Panic" (60) Serie "Dennis the Menace: The Christmas Horse" (60) Serie "Alfred Hitchcock Presents: The Pearl Necklace" (61) Serie "The Dick Powell Show: A Time to Die" (62) Serie "Alfred Hitchcock Presents: The Matched Pearl" (62) Serie "The Farmer's Daughter: One Rainy Night" (63) Serie "Grindl: Everything's Coming Up Roses" (64) Serie "Hazel: Who's in Charge Here? (65) Serie "Petticoat Junction: Billie Jo's First Job" (65) Serie "Petticoat Junction: Young Love" (66)