Richard C. Travers

Richard C. Travers

1885 - 1935

The actor Richard C. Travers was born as Richard Campbell Tibb in Canada.

Still a teenager he joined the British army in 1900 by stating a false age and he came to South Africa during the Boer War.

After his return he studied medicine and carried on this profession for a brief time. But finally he decided to become a stage actor and he toured through the USA and Canada with a stock company.

It didn't last long till he joined the still young film business. He became a very busy movie actor in no time and often impersonated the leading roles.
To his first movies belong "The Joy Ride" (12), "The Lost Son" (13), "Tapped Wires" (13), "The Brand of Evil" (13), "The Great Game" (13), "The Conqueror" (14), "Let No Man Escape" (14), "Seeds of Chaos" (14), "An Angel Unaware" (14), "The Chasm" (14), "White Lies" (14), "The Verdict" (14), "The Ambition of the Baron" (15), "The Wood Nymph" (15), "The Lady of the Snows" (15), "Blindfolded" (15) and "The Night of Souls" (15).
In those years he normally played for the Essanay production company and became on of their indisputable movie stars.

The number of his movies in the second half of the 10s diminished considerably, not least because he sustained a serious accident during the shooting of "The Undertow" (15). When he jumped from one train wagon to another he fell on the rail tracks and only survived by luck. But he suffered severe bone fractures, an open wound at his arm and a serious knee injury. Still he was able to continue his career with interesting roles in movies like "The Intruder" (16), "It Never Could Happen" (16), "The Phantom Buccaneer" (16), "The Trufflers" (17), "S.O.S." (17) and "The House Without Children" (19).

His cinematical works remained seldom compared to his starting time. Among others he acted in the productions "The Mountain Woman" (21), "The Love Nest" (22), "Notoriety" (22), "Big Timber" (24), "Head Winds" (25), "The Truthful Sex" (26), "The Man Without a Face" (28) and "The Black Watch" (29).

After the sound film "The Woman Racket" (30) he retired from the film business.

Besides his activity as an actor Richard C. Travers also realised some movies as a director like "The Testing Fire" (14), "The Verdict" (14), "The Real Agatha" (14) and "Through Eyes of Love" (14)

Other movies with Richard C. Travers:
The Bogus Napoloen (12) The Old Chess Players (12) The Stroke Oar (12) Making a Baseball Bug (13) The Supreme Sacrifice (13) Heroes One and All (13) For His Child's Sake (13) Diamond Cut Diamond (13) Through Many Trials (13) Clarence at the Theater (13) Violet Dare, Detectived (13) The Rose of Sharon (13) Bread Upon the Waters (13) Homespun (13) The World Above (13) Broken Threads United (13) While the Starlight Travels (13) Grist to the Mill (13) In Convict Garb (13) A Matter of Dress (13) Quicksands of Sin (13) The Death Weight (13) The Lost Chord (13) Autumn Love (13) The Pay as You Enter Man (13) The Heart of the Law (13) Life's Weaving (13) A Vagabond Cupid (13) The Hand That Rocks the Cradle (14) The Testing Fire (14) The Grip of Circumstance (14) Speak No Evil (14) Hear No Evil (14) The Fulfillment (14) Chains of Bondage (14) The Price of His Honor (14) Memories That Haunt (14) Pierre of the North (14) The Spirit of the Madonna (14) In Real Life (14) The Uneven Balance (14) Blind Man's Bluff (14) When the Lightning Struck (14) The Song in the Dark (14) The Little "He and She" (14) The Daring Young Person (14) At the Foot of the Hill (14) A Letter from Home (14) A Clash of Virtues (14) The Seventh Prelue (14) A Gentleman of Leisure (14) The Fable of the Two Mandolin Players and the Willing Performer (14) Seven Sealed Orders (14) No. 28, Diplomat (14) Bill's Boy (14) The Devil's Signature (14) The Way of His Fahter (14) The Fable of the Adult Girl Who Got Busy (14) The Real Agatha (14) Through Eyes ofLove (14) Mother o' Dreams (14) Whatsover a Woman Soweth (14) Fires of Fate (14) Within Three Hundred Pages (14) The Means and the End (14) Beyond Youth's Paradise (14) The Buffer (14) The Place, the Time and the Man (14) The Loose Change of Chance (14) The Girl from Thunder Mountain (14) The Volunteer Burglar (14) The Fable of the Husband Who Showed Up and Did His Duty (14) The Showman (14) Surgeon Warren's Ward (15) Buy a Strange Road (15) Third Hand High (15) A Romance of the Night (15) The Dance at Aleck Fontaine's (15) Mr. Buttles (15) The Man in Motley (15) The Fable of the Demand That Must Be Supplied (15) The Other Woman's Picture (15) The Turn of the Wheel (15) The Snow-Burner (15) Above the Abyss (15) Vengeance (15) The Romance of an American Duchess (15) The Little Deceiver (15) Vain Justice (15) The White Sister (15) Jane of the Soil (15) A Man Afraid (15) Eyes That See Not (15) The Man Trail (15) Tish's Spy (15) Affinities (15) In the Palace of the King (15) The Reaping (15) Brought Home (15) The Conflict (15) Capain Jinks of the Horse Marines (16) Unknown (16) The Lightbearer (16) The Litte Shepherd of Bargain Row (16) My Country, 'Tis of Thee (16) Lost, Twenty-Four Hours (16) Borrowed Sunshine (16) What I Said Goes (16) The Egg (16) In a Looking Glass (16) Among Those Present (17) What Would You Do? (17) The Hoodooed Story (17) The White Moll (20) The Rider of the King Log (21) The Single Track (21) White Hell (22) Dawn of Revenge (22) Mary of the Movies (23) The Broad Road (23) The Rendezvous (23) The Acquittal (23) The House of Youth (24) Lightnin' (25) The Still Alarm (26) The Dangerous Dude (26) Melting Millions (27) Her Wild Oat (27) The Unholy Night (29)