David Torrence

David Torrence

1864 - 1951

The actor David Torrence was born as David Tayson in Edinburgh.

He left Scotland in young years together with his brother and went to the USA to become a cowboy.

When it turned out that it was not the right job he tried to gain a foothold as a stage actor. When he became established as an actor he persuaded his brother to follow him. 

David Torrence entered the film business at the age of nearly 50 and he took part in the productions "The Prisoner of Zenda" (13) and "Tess of the D'Urbervilles" (13).

But his real film career started from 1921 and he soon became a demanded support actor.
To his movies of the 20s belong "Sherlock Holmes" (22), "The Power of a Lie" (22), "Tess of the Storm Country" (22), "The Man Next Door" (23), "The Dawn of a Tomorrow" (24), "Her Husband's Secret" (25), "The Wheel" (25), "Sandy" (26), "The Wolf Hunters" (26), "The Man in the Shadow" (26), "The Mysterious Rider" (27), "Annie Laurie" (27), "The Big Noise" (28), "Undressed" (28), "Untamed Justice" (29) and "Disraeli" (29).

The transition to the sound film was no problem for him and he continued to impersonate numerous support roles at the side of the greatest stars at that time.
To his most popular movies of those years belong "Scotland Yard" (30), "East Lynne" (31), "The Mask of Fu Manchu" (32), "Queen Christina" (33), "Jane Eyre" (34), "Charlie Chan in London" (34), "Bonnie Scotland" (35) with the unforgettable Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, "Charlie Chan in Shanghai" (35), "Mutiny on the Bounty" (35), "Captain Blood" (35), "Mary of Scotland" (36), "Lost Horizon" (37), "Bulldog Drummond's Bride" (39) and "Stanley and Livingstone" (39).

Other movies with David Torrence:
The Inside of the Cup (21) Received Payment (22) A Virgin's Sacrifice (22) Forsaking All Others (22) Trimmed in Scarlet (23) Abysmal Brute (23) Railroaded (23) The Light That Failed (23) The Drums of Jeopardy (23) Which Shall It Be? (24) Surging Seas (24) Tiger Love (24) Sawdust Trail (24) Love's Wilderness (24) Idle Tongues (24) He Who Laughs Last (25) The Reckless Sex (25) Fighting the Flames (25) The Mystic (25) What Fools Men (25) The Tower of Lies (25) The Other Woman's Story (25) The Auction Block (26) The King of the Turf (26) Oh What a Nurse! (26) The Isle of Retribution (26) Brown of Harvard (26) Race Wild (26) Laddie (26) Forever After (26) The Unknown Cavalier (26) The Third Degree (26) The Midnight Watch (27) The World at Her Feet (27) Rolled Stockings (27) Hazardous Valley (27) On the Stroke of Twelve (27) The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come (28) The City of Purple Dreams (28) The Cavalier (28) Silks and Saddles (29) Strong Boy (29) The Black Watch (29) Hearts in Exile (29) City Girl (30) Raffles (30) River's End (30) The Devil to Pay! (30) How I Play Golf, by Bobby Jones No. 9: The Driver (31) The Bachelor Father (31) Five Star Final (31) A Successful Calamity (32) Smilin' Through (32) Cavalcade (33) Horse Play (33) Voltaire (33) The Masquerader (33) Berkeley Square (33) Mandalay (34) Madame Spy (34) All Men Are Enemies (34) What Every Woman Knows (34) Black Sheep (35) The Dark Angel (35) Harmony Lane (35) The Country Doctor (36) Annie Laurie (36) Beloved Enemy (36) Ebb Tide (37) Five of a Kind (38) Rulers of the Sea (39)