Fay Tincher

Foto: Albert Witzel (1879-1929)

1884 - 1983

The actress Fay Tincher began her career at the theater. After a performance in 1913 she was invited by an agent to introduce herself by director D. W. Griffith. 

She became engaged and her film career took concrete form. In the next years she appeared in numerous movies. 
To her first productions belong "A Puritan Episode" (13), "Victims of Speed" (14), "The Battle of the Sexes" (14), "A Race for a Bride" (14), "The Escape" (14), "Bill Saves the Day" (14), "The Million Dollar Bride" (14), "The Housebreakers" (14), "Love and Business" (15), "The Love Pirate" (15), "Ethel's New Dress" (15), "A Chase by Moonlight" (15) and "Don Quixote" (15).

In 1916 she took part again in many movies like "Sunshine Dad" (16), "Skirts" (16), "The French Milliner" (16) and "The Lady Drummer" (16) before her appearances in front of the camera diminished.

She founded her own company "Fay Tincher Productions" in 1918. Till the end of the 10's she acted in the movies "O, Susie Behave" (18), "The Fire Flingers" (19), "Rowdy Ann" (19) and "Wild and Western" (19).

She was able to continue her film career successfully in the 20's and took part again in numerous movies, among them the comedic serial around the figure of "Andy Gump", who lived out his adventures in more than 40 movies.
To Fay Tincher's most popular movies of that decade belong "Striking Models" (20), "The Leather Pushers" (22), "That Kid from Madrid" (23), "Oh! Min!" (24), "Andy's Temptation" (24), "Andy in Hollywood" (25), "Dumb Luck" (26), "Never Again" (26), "Youth and Beauty" (27), "A Total Loss" (27), "The Mild West" (37) and "Out in the Rain" (28).

Although Fay Tincher was very popular in her time, her name fell into oblivion. But she keeps in memory for the world of movie as one of the early film comedians. 

Other movies with Fay Tincher:
Private Box 23 (13) Bill Joins the Band (13) Too Proud to Beg (14) After Her Dough (14) The Fatal Dress Suit (14) Nearly a Burglar's Bride (14) The Right Dope (14) The Quicksands (14) The Scene of His Crime (14) Home, Sweet Home (14) The Man in the Couch (14) Nell's Eugenic Wedding (14) An Exciting Courtship (14) The Last Drink of Whiskey (14) Hubby to the Rescue (14) The Deceiver (14) Bill's Job (14) The White Slave Catchers (14) Wrong All Around (14) How Bill Squared It with His Boss (14) The Mascot (14) Leave It to Smiley (14) Bill Takes a Lady Out to Lunch…Never Again (14) A Physical Culture Romance (14) Ethel's Teacher (14) Bill Organizes a Union (14) Bill Goes in Business for Himself (14) Adventures in Diplomacy (14) Foiled Again (14) Bill Manages a Prizefighter (14) Bill Spoils a Vacation (14) Bill Joins the W.W.W.'s (14) Casey's Vendetta (14) Ethel's Roof Party (14) Out Again, in Again (14) Ethel Has a Steady (14) A Corner in Hats (14) Mr. Hadley's Uncle (14) Bill and Ethel at the Ball (14) The Record Breaker (14) Ethel Gets the Evidence (15) A Flyer in Spring Water (15) A Flurry in Arat (15) Mixed Values (15) Cupid and the Pest (15) Bill Turns Valet (15) Music Hath Charms (15) Ethel Get's Consent (15) Gasoline Gus (15) A Costly Exchange (15) Bill Gives a Smoker (15) Caught by the Handle (15) Ethel's Doggone Luck (15) Ethel's Deadly Alarm Clock (15) By Fair Means or Foul 15) Ethel's Disguise (15) Home Again (15) Ethel's Romance (15) Brave and Bold (15) Unwinding It (15) Where Breezes Blow (15) Beautiful Love (15) Mr. Wallack's Wallet (15) Beppo, the Barber (15) Safety First (15) The Deacon's Whiskers (15) Father Love (15) The Fatal Finger Prints (15) Faithful to the Finish (15) Shocking Stockings (15) Over and Back (15) Rough Knight (16) Laundry Liz (16) The Two O'Clock Train (16) Mr. Goode, Samaritan (16) Love's Getaway (16) Bedelia's Bluff (16) A Calico Vampire (16) Main 1-2-3 (18) Sally's Blighted Career (19) Mary Moves In (19) Dangerous Nan McGrew (19) Go West, Young Woman (20) A Seaside Siren (20) Dining Room, Kitchen and Sink (20) Uncle Bim's Gifts (23) Watch Papa (23) Oh! What a Day! (23) Aggravatin' Mama (23) Swing Bad the Sailor (24) Excitement (24) What's the Use? (24) A Day of Rest (24) Westbaound (24) Andy's Hat in the Ring (24) Andy's Stump Speech (24) Andy's Lion Tale (25) Chester's Donkey Party (25) Dynamited (25) Andy Takes a Flyer (25) The Smash-Up (25) Min's Home on the Cliff (26) Min Walks in Her Sleep (26) California Here We Come (26) Shady Rest (26) Min's Away (26) Tow Service (26) Lots of Grief (26) Better Luck (26) The Big Surprise (26) A Close Call (26) I Told You So (26) Rooms for Rent (27) Up Against It (27) Broke Again (27) I'm the Sheriff (27) All Wet (27) Circus Daze (27) Too Much Sleep (27) A Battle Scared Hero (27) When Greek Meets Greek (27) And How! (27) Ocean Bruises (27) Andy Nose His Onions (27) A Case of Scotch (28) Any Old Count (28) The Cloud Buster (28) 

Main 1-2-3 (1918)