Conway Tearle

1878 - 1939

The actor Conway Tearle was born as Frederick Levy in the USA. His parents were also artists, his father was a Jazz musician, his mother a stage actress. 
After their divorce his mother got married with the actor Osmond Tearle and Conway Tearle grew up in England. 
There he was able to make his first acting experiences at the stage of his stepfather. 

In 1905 Conway Tearle went back to the USA where he made his Boradway debut with "Abigail". In the next years he was very successful on different stages.

He appeared in a movie in 1914 for the first time, to his first movies belong "The Nightingale" (14), "The Seven Sisters" (15) and "Helene of the North" (15). 

It followed many other movies till the end of the 10's, among them "The Common Law" (16), "The Judgement House" (17), "Stella Maris" (18), "Her Game" (19) and "A Virtuous Vamp" (19). 

The 20's offered him again numerous roles and he acted together with most of the female stars of those years like Mary Pickford, Norma Talmadge, Corinne Griffith or Clara Bow. 
To his well-known movies of those years belong "The Road of Ambition" (20), "Shadows of the Sea" (22), "The Eternal Flame" (22), "Ashes of Vengeance" (23), "Lilies of the Field" (24), "The Great Divide" (25), "The Heart of a Siren" (25), "The Dancer of Paris" (26), "The Isle of Forgotten Women" (27) and "The Lost Zeppelin" (29). 

The transition to the sound film was no problem for him and he took part in productions like "The Lady Who Dared" (31), "The False Madonna" (31), "Vanity Fair" (32), "Her Mad Night" (32), "The Headline Woman" (35), "Klondike Annie" (36) and "Romeo and Juliet" (36). 

His half brothers Godfrey Tearle and Malcolm Tearle were also actors. 

Other movies with Conway Tearle:
Shore Acres (14) Poor Schmaltz (15) The Foolish Virgin (16) The Heart of the Hills (16) The Fall of the Romanoffs (17) The World for Sale (18) Virtuous Wives (18) The Way of a Woman (19) Atonement (19) The Mind-the-Paint Girl (19) Human Desire (19) She Loves and Lies (20) Two Weeks (20) The Forbidden Woman (20) April Folly (20) Marooned Hearts (20) Whisperong Devils (20) Society Snobs (21) The Oath (21) Bucking the Tiger (21) The Fighter (21) After Midnight (21) A Man of Stone (21) A Wide Open Town (22) Love's Masquerade (22) The Referee (22) One Week of Love (22) Bella Donna (23) The Rustle of Silk (23) The Common Law (23) The Dangerous Maid (23) Black Oxen (23) The Next Corner (24) The White Moth (24) Flirting with Love (24) Bad Company (25) School for Wives (25) Just a Woman (25) The Mystic (25) Morals for Men (25) Dancing Mothers (26) The Greater Glory (26) The Sporting Lover (26) My Official Wife (26) Altars of Desire (27) Moulders of Men (27) Smoke Bellew (29) Gold Diggers of Broadway (29) Evidence (29) The Truth About Youth (30) How I Play Golf, by Bobby Jones No. 9: The Driver (31) Captivation (31) Pleasure (31) Morals for Women (31) Man About Town (32) The Hurricane Express (32) Two Lips and Juleps; or Southern Love and Northern Exposure (32) The King Murder (32) Day of Reckoning (33) Should Ladies Behave (33) Stingaree (34) Fifteen Wives (34)  Sing Sing Nights (34) Trails End (35) The Judgement Book (35) Desert Guns (36) Senor Jim (36) The Preview Murder Mystery (36) 

Society Snobs (21)