Hunt Stromberg

Hunt Stromberg

1894 - 1968

The producer Hunt Stromberg belonged to the big four of the early years of the legendary film studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM).

But before Hunt Stromberg entered the film business he began his professional career as a reporter at the St. Louis Times.

He already made first contacts with the film business in 1914 when he became a publisher director for the Goldwyn Pictures Corporation. The entrance into the world of artistically filmworkes he made in 1921 with the script for "The Foolish Age" (21), other scripts followed in the next years.

Already one year later he realised his first movie as a director called "Glad Days" (22) for which he also wrote the script. 
Other movies as a director came into being with "The Punctured Prince" (22), "The Two Twins" (23), "High Society" (23), "The Fire Patrol" (24) and "Paint and Powder" (25).

However his real importance in the film business he achived as a producer.
He founded his own production company "Hunt Stromberg Productions" in 1922 and he normally produced comedies, often the the former wrestler Bull Montana in the leading role. 
To these movies belong "Glad Days" (22), "A Ladies Man" (22) and "Snowed Under" (23).

From the middle of the 20s he also dedicated to other genres like western and dramas and he also changed from short movies to feature movies.
To his well-known movies of those years belong "The Primrose Path" (25), "The Prairie Pirate" (25), "Torrent" (26) - which was the first movie of Greta Garbo in the USA and "White Shadows in the South Seas" (28).
For the last mentioned movie he worked together with MGM and from it emerged a fixed engagement for MGM and Hunt Stromberg became one of the most important producers. 

Already his first movie "Our Modern Maidens" (29) became a big success for MGM.

The 30s marked the height of his career and Hunt Stromberg not only belonged to the 10 most paid Americans but also became the number one of Hollywood's producer in the middle of the 30s.

To his well-known movies of the 30s belong a whole string of movies with Jean Harlow like "Red Dust" (32), "Bombshell" (33) and "Wife vs. Secretary" (36) as well as the very successful Thin Man movies with the dream team William Powell uand Myrna Loy - "The Thin Man" (34), "After the Thin Man" (36) and "Another Thin Man" (39).

Other popular productions of those years were "The Prizefighter and the Lady" (33), "Treasure Island" (34), "The Painted Veil" (34), "The Great Ziegfeld" (36) - which won the Oscar for the best movie, "Small Town Girl" (36), "Marie Antoinette" (38) and "The Women" (39).

With the dead of Irving Thalberg in 1936 the situation at MGM began to change for Stromberg slowly. His successes diminished, not at least because Louis B. Mayer didn't want to support independent producers within MGM any longer. 

To Hunt Stromberg's produced movies of the 40s, first for MGM till 1941, afterwards for United Artists, belong "Northwest Passage" (40), "Susan and God" (40), "Pride and Prejudice" (40), "I Married an Angel" (42), "Delightfully Dangerous" (45), "Dishonored Lady" (47) and "Too Late for Tears" (49).

To Hunt Stromberg's last cinematical works belong "Between Midnight and Dawn" (50) and "Mask of the Avenger" (51).

Besides his already remarkable wealth he acquired as a producer he created a second main pillar as a co-founder of race tracks in Hollywood and Santa Anita.

Other movies from Hunt Stromberg (Producer): 
Boy Crazy (22) The Puncutured Prince (22) Rob 'Em Good (23) The Two Twins (23) High Society (23) One Wild Day (23) Breaking Into Society (23) The Fire Patrol (24) The Flaming Forties (24) The Texas Trail (25) Off the Highway (25) Our Dancing Daughter (28) The Bridge of San Luis Rey (29) Where East Is East (29) Thunder (29) Le chanteur de Séville (30) The Easiest Way (31) Guilty Hands (31) The Beast of the City (32) The Wet Parade (32) Letty Lynton (32) Penthouse (33) Stage Mother (33) Eskimo (33) Laughing Boy (34) Hide-Out (34) Chained (34) Naughty Marietta (35) Ah, Wilderness! (35) Rose-Marie (36) Maytime (37) Night Must Fall (37) The Firefly (37) Sweethearts (38) Idio'ts Delight (39) They Met in Bombay (41) Shadow of the Thin Man (41) Lady of Burlesque (43) Guest in the House (44) Young Widow (46) The Strange Woman (46) Lured (47) 

Presented by: 
The Night Hawk (24) The Lightning Rider (24) Tiger Thompson (24) The Siren of Seville (24) Roaring Rails (24) A Café in Cairo (24) Soft Shoes (25) The Crimson Runner (25) Beyond the Border (25) Silent Sanderson (25) The Bad Lands (25) The People vs. Nancy Preston (25) The Man from Red Gulch (25) 

A Ladies Man (22) Rob 'Em Good (23) Snowed Under (23) One Wild Day (23) Breaking Into Society (23) A Tour of the Thomas Ince Studio (24) The Siren of Seville (24) 

Glad Rags (22) Breaking Into Society (23) Roaring Rails (24) Soft Shoes (25) Winning the Futurity (26) The Strange Woman (46)