Harry Stradling

Anita Stewart

1901 - 1970

The cinematographer Harry Stradling began his career in the USA in 1920 where he operated the camera for "The Devil's Garden" (20) for the first time.
In the next years he shot other silent movies like "Secrets of Paris" (22), "How Women Love" (22), "The Substitute Wife" (25), "The Nest" (27) and "Burnt Fingers" (27).
Harry Stradling went to Europe in 1931 and first shot one film in Poland and one in Sweden before he worked regularly in France, Germany and later in England as a cinematographer. In France he worked together several times with the director Jacques Feyder. 
To his well-known European movies belong "Studenter i Paris" (31), "Die Männer um Lucie" (31), "Il est charmant" (32), "Un soir de réveillon" (33), "Rund um eine Million" (33), "Nous ne sommes plus des enfants" (34), "La dame aux camélias" (34), "Le grand jeu" (34), "Le bonheur" (34), "Die klugen Frauen" (36) and "Silhouetten" (36).
Afterwards he went to England where he shot the movies "The Divorce of Lady X" (38), "Pygmalion" (38), "The Citadel" (38) and "Q Planes" (39).
When World War II broke out he went back to the USA where he was able to continue his film career successfully. 
His first film back in the USA was for none less than Alfred Hitchcock for "Jamaica Inn" (39). He operated the camera for two more Hitchcock movies - "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" (41) and "Suspicion" (41).
In the next decades he was involved in many popular movies, to these productions belong "Mr. And Mrs. North" (42), "White Cargo" (42), "The Human comedy" (43), "The Picture of Dorian Gray" (45), "The Sea Grass" (47), "The Pirate" (48), "Valentino" (51), "A Streetcar Named Desire" (51), "Hans Christian Andersen" (52), "Johnny Guitar" (54), "Helen of Troy" (56), "A Face in the Crowd" (57) and "The Young Philadelphians" (59).
Harry Stradling kept active in the film business till to his death and he shot great pictures in the 60's like "Parrish" (61), "Gypsy" (62), "My Fair Lady" (64), "How to Murder Your Wife" (65), "Moment to Moemnt" (65) and "Penelope" (66).
In his last four movies Barbra Streisand impersonated the leading roles and established with it her impressive career. Harry Stradling shot for her the movies "Funny Girl" (68), "Hello, Dolly! (69), "On a Clear Day You Can See Forever" (70) and "The Owl and the Pussycat" (70).
Harry Stradling won two Oscars in his long lasting career - one in 1946 for "The Picture of Dorian Gray" and one in 1965 for "My Fair Lady". In addition he was also nominated for 12 other Oscars. 
His son Harry Stradling jr. Became also a well-known cinematographer. 

Other movies from Harry Stradling: 
The Devil's Garden (20) The Great Adventure (21) Jim the Penman (21) Fair Lady (22) His Wife's Husband (22) Secrets of Paris (22) How Women Love (22) Wandering Fires (25) The Substitute Wife (25) The Nest (27) Burnt Fingers (27) Fifty Miles from Broadway (29) Mother's Boy (29) Lucky in Love (29) Fancy That (29) So This Is Marriage (29) Un hombre de suerte (30) A Night in a Dormitory (30) Rubeville Night Club (30) Ride 'em Cowboy (30) Sixteen Sweeties (30) America or Bust (30) Hearts and Hoofs (30) Swiat bez granic (31) Studenter i Paris (31) Le réquisitoire (31) Die Männer um Lucie (31) Mistigri (31) Il est charmant (32) Passionnément (32) Hey, Nanny Nanny (33) Esperame (33) Melodia de arrabal (33) un soir de réveillon (33) Rund um eine Million (33) Le maitre de forges (33) La porteuse de pain (34) Nous ne sommes plus des enfants (34) La dame aux camélias (34) Compartiment de dames seules (34) une fois dans la vie (34) Le grand jeu (34) Le bonheur (34) Episode (35) La kermesse héroique (35) Die klugen Frauen (36) Wer zuletzt küsstů (36) Silhouetten (36) Dark Journey (37) Knight Without Armour (37) Action for Slander (37) The Divorce of Lady X (38) South Riding (38) Pygmalion (38) The Citadel (38) Q Planes (39) Jamaica Inn (39) Over the Moon (39) The Lion Has Wings (39) My Son, My Son! (40) They Knew What They Wanted (40) Mr. & Mrs. Smith (41) The Devil and Miss Jones (41) The Men in Her Life (41) Suspicion (41) The Corsican Brothers (41) Nazi Agent (42) Mr. and Mrs. North (42) Fingers at the Window (42) Maisie Gets Her Man (42) Her Cardboard Lover (42) White Cargo (42) The Human Comedy (43) Swing Shift Maisie (43) Song of Russia (44) Bathing Beauty (44) The Picture of Dorian Gray (45) Thrill of a Romance (45) Her Highness and the Bellboy (45) Easy to Wed (46) Holiday in Mexico (46) Till the Clouds Roll By (46) The Sea Grass (47) Song of Love (47) The Pirate (48) Easter parade (48) Words and Music (48) The Barkleys of Broadway (49) In the Good Old Summertime (49) Tension (49) The Schumann Story (50) The Yellow Cab Man (50) Edge of Doom (50) Valentino (51) A Millionaire for Christy (51) A Streetcar Named Desire (51) I Want You (51) My Son John (52) Hans Christian Andersen (52) Angel Face (52) Androcles and the Lion (52) A Lion Is in the Streets (53) Forever Female (54) Johnny Guitar (54) Guys and Dolls (55) Helen of Troy (56) The Eddy Duchin Story (56) A Face in the Crowd (57) The Pajama Game (57) Marjorie Morningstar (58) Auntie Mame (58) The Young Philadelphians (59) A Summer Place (59) Who Was That Lady? (60) The Crowded Sky (60) The Dark at the Top of the Stairs (60) Parrish (61) On the Double (61) A Majority of One (61) Five Finger Exercise (62) Gypsy (62) Mary, Mary (63) Island of Love (63) my Fair Lady (64) How to Murder Your Wife (65) Moment to Moment (65) Walk Don't Run (66) Penelope (66) Funny Girl (68) Hello, Dolly! (69) On a Clear Day You Can See Forever (70) The Owl and the Pussycat (70)