George E. Stone

1903 - 1967

The actor George E. Stone was born as George Lichtenstein in Lodz, Poland.

His special feature with his slight body and special face predestined him for special roles and he made his film debut in 1927 with "7th Heaven" (27).
In the next years followed movies like "San Franciso Nights" (28), "Tenderloin" (28), "Walking Back" (28), "Naughty Baby" (28), "The Girl in the Glass Cage" (29) and "Skin Deep (29).

The transition from the silent movie to the talkies was no problem for him and he tightened his status as a demanded support actor in the 30's and acted together with many stars. 
To his most popular movies of those years belong "The Medicine Man" (30), "Little Caesar" (31), "Cimarron" (31), "The Front Page" (31), "The Woman from Monte Carlo" (32), "The last Mile" (32), "42nd Street" (33), "The Big Brain" (33), "Viva Villa!" (34), "Million Dollar Baby" (34), "Frisco Kid" (35), "Man Hunt" (36), "Anthony Adverse" (36), "Alcatraz Island" (37), "Mr. Moto's Gamble" (38) and "The Night of Nights" (39).
When he shot the movie "The Housekeeper's Daughter" (39) he made friends with Hal Roach who engaged him in other movies time and again.

The 40's offered him again numerous roles in well-known productions like "Island of Doomed Men" (40), "The Face Behind the Mask" (41), "Confessions of Boston Blackie" (41), "The Devil with Hitler" (42), "Timber Queen" (44), "Boston Blackie Booked on Suspicion" (45), "Sentimental Journey" (46), "Suspense" (46), "Daisy Kenyon" (47) and "The Untamed Breed" (48).

With the arise of television the film business was strongly changed and George E. Stone worked for both medias and impersonated different roles.
Among others he took part in the movies "A Girl in Every Port" (52), "Pickup on South Street" (53), "The Robe" (53),  "The Miami Story" (54), "Broken Lance" (54), "3 Ring Circus" (54), "New York Confidential" (55), "The Man with the Golden Arm" (55), "Jungle Hell" (56), an episode of the serial "Alfred Hitchcock Presents: The Big Switch" (56), "Baby Face Nelson" (57), "Alias Jesse James" (59) and "Some Like It Hot" (59).

George E. Stone was afflicted with eye complaint and he became virtually blind from time to time. Yet he was able to continue his film career - even though with only very small parts - and he appeared in "Ocean's Eleven" (60), an episode of the serial "The Twilight Zone: Once Upon a Time" (61) and "Pocketful of Miracles" (61).

Besides his activity for the film he also appeared very often in plays of writer Damon Runyon. 

Other movies with George E. Stone: 
Brass Knuckles (27) Turn Back the Hours (28) The Crimson City (28) Clothes Make the Woman (28) The Racket (28) Beautiful But Dumb (28) State Street Sadie (28) Weary River 829) The Redeeming Sin (29) Two Men and a maid (29) Melody Lane (29) So This Is Paris Green (30) The Bearded Lady (30) The Stronger Sex (30) Under a Texas Moon (30) Maid to Order (31) Five Star Final (31) The Spider (31) Sob Sister (31) Taxi! (32) World and the Flesh (32) The Phantom of Crestwood (32) File 113 (33) The Vampire Bat (33) Sailor Be Good (33) Song of the Eagle (33) Emergency Call (33) The Wrecker (33) Sing, Sinner, Sing (33) Penthouse (33) Ladies Must Love (33) King for a Night (33) He Couldn't Take It (33) Frontier Marshal (34) Return of the Terror (34) The Dragon Murder Case (34) Embarrassing Moments (34) Secret of the Chateau (34) One Hour Late (34) Hold 'Em Yale (35) Public Hero No1 (35) Make a Million (35) Moonlight on the Prairie (35) Freshman Love (36) Boulder Dam (36) Bullets or Ballots (36) Rhythm on the Range (36) Jailbreak (36) Back to Nature (36) Here Comes Carter (36) Polo Joe (36) The Captain's Kid (36) King of Hockey (36) Don't Get Me Wrong (37) Clothes and the Woman (37) Back in Circulation (37) The Adventurous Blonde (37) A Slight Case of Murder (38) Over the Wall (38) You and Me (38) Submarine Patrol (38) Long Shot (39) You Can't Get Away with Murder (39) I Take This Woman (40) Cherokee Strip (40) Slightly Tempted (40) North West Mounted Police (40) Road Show (41) Broadway Limited (41) Last of the Duanes (41) Lone Star Ranger (42) The Affairs of Jimmy Valentine (42) Alias Boston Blackie (42) Little Tokyo, U.S.A. (42) Boston Blackie Goes Hollywood (42) After Midnight with Boston Blackie (43) The Chance of a Lifetime (43) Roger Touhy, Gangster (44) My Buddy (44) One Mysterious Night (44) Scared Stiff (45) Boston Blackie's Rendezvous (45) Midnight Manhunt (45) Doll Face (46) Shock (46) A Close Call for Boston Blackie (46) The Phantom Thief (36) Boston Blackie and the Law (46) Abie's Irish Rose (46) Trapped by Boson Blackie (48) Dancing in the Dark (49) Bloodhounds of Broadway (52) Tonight We Sing (53) Combat Squad (53) Serie "The Ford Television Theatre: Emergency" (53) Serie "The Revlon Mirror Theater: Dreams Never Lie" (53) Serie "Mr. & Mrs. North: The Third Eye" (53) Serie "Mr. & Mrs. North: Phantom at the Wedding" (54) Serie "The Public Defender: Let Justice Be Done" (54) Serie "The Public Defender: The Big Race" (54) Woman's World (54) The Steel Cage (54) Serie "The Man Behind the Badge: The Case of the Tattooed Man" (55) Serie "Medic: Walk with Lions" (55) Guys and Dolls (55) Serie "Adventures of Superman: Olsen's Millions" (55) Serie "It's a Great Life: The Night Watchman" (55) Serie "Damon Runyon Theater: Judy the Jinx" (55) Serie "It's a Great Life: The Elusive Dime" (56) The Conqueror (56) Slightly Scarlet (56) Serie "Adventures of Superman: The Big Freeze" (56) Sierra Stranger (57) Calypso Heat Wave (57) Serie "Captain David Grief: A Son of the Sun" (57) Serie "Captain David Grief: Swithin Hall" (57) The Tijuana Story (57) The Story of Mankind (57) Serie "The Bob Cummings Show: Bob the Gunslinger" (57) Serie "M Squad: The Slow Trap" (58) Serie "Have Gun – Will Travel: The Prize Fight Story" (58) Some Came Running (58) Night of the Quarter Moon (59) Bells Are Ringing (60) Serie "Lock Up: The Beau and Arrow Case" (60) Serie "The Jack Benny Program: Jack on Trial for Murder" (61) Serie "Perry Mason" (58-62)