Anita Stewart

Photo: Albert Witzel (1879-1929)

1895 - 1961

The actress Anita Stewart made her film debut already at the age of 16, first as an extra, later followed smaller roles. 
To her first movies belong "A Tale of Two Cities" (11), "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" (11), "Her Choice" (12) and "Song of the Shell" (12).
Her roles became bigger from 1913 and finally she became a movie star for Vitagraph in the second part of the 10's. 
To her well-known movies of those years belong "The Web" (13), "The Forgotten Latchkey" (13), "The Moulding" (13), "The Tiger" (13), "The Treasure of Desert Isle" (13), "The Swan Girl" (13), "A Million Bid" (14), "The Sins of the Mothers" (14), "The Juggernaut" (15), "The Goddess" (15), "The Combat" (16), "Clover's Rebellion" (17), "Virtuous Wives" (18), "Mary Regan" (19) and "Human Desire" (19).
She could adhere her popularity in the 20's and took part in the productions "The Fighting Shepherdess" (20), "The Invisible Fear" (21), "A Question of Honor" (22), "The Great White Way" (24), "The Boomerang" (25), "The Lodge in the Wilderness" (26), "Wild Geese" (27) and "Romance of a Rogue" (28).
The arising sound film ended her career eventually, after her appearance in "The Hollywood Handicap" (32) she retired from the film business. 
Besides her activity as an actress Anita Stewart was one of few women who also produced her own movies in the years 1918 to 1922, among others for Louis B. Mayer. 
Anita Stewart was among others married with the actor Rudolph Cameron.

Other movies with Anita Stewart: 
Prejudice of Pierre Marie (11) A Red Cross Martyr; or, On the Firing Lines of Tripoli (12) The Godmother (129 Billy's Pipe Dream (12) The Wood Violet (12) The Bringing Out of Papa (13) The Classmate's Frolic (13) Papa Puts One Over (13) Belinda the Slavey; or, Plot and Counterplot (13) Love Laughts at Locksmiths; or, Love Finds a Way (13) A Fighting Chance (13) Two's Comapy, Three's a Crowd (13) A Regiment of Two (13) Song Bird of the North (13) A Sweet Deception (13) The Prince of Evil (13) The Lost Millionaire (13) His Last Fight (13) Why I Am Here (13) The Wreck (13) His Second Wife (13) Diana's Dress Reform (14) The Right and the Wrong of It (14) The Lucky Elopement (14) Lincoln, the Lover (14) Back to Broadway (14) The Girl from Prosperity (14) He Never Knew (14) Wife Wanted (14) Shadows of the Past (14) Uncle Bill (14) The Painted World (14) Four Thirteen (14) 'Midst Woodland Shadows (14) Two Women (14) The Right Girl (15) From Headquarters (15) His Phantom Sweetheart (15) The Sort-of-Girl-Who-Came-From-Heaven (15) The Awakening (15) Count 'Em (15) My Lady's Slipper (16) The Suspect (16) The Daring of Diana (16) The Girl Philippa (16) The Glory of Yolanda (17) The More Excellent Way (17) The Message of the Mouse (17) A Midnight Romance (19) Two Women (19) The Painted World (19) Shadows of the Past (19) Her Kingdom of Dreams (19) The Mind-thePaint Girl (19) In Old Kentucky (19) The Yellow Typhoon (20) Harriet and the Piper (20) Sowing the Wind (21) Playthings of Destiny (21) Her Mad Bargain (21) The Woman He Married (22) Rose o' the Sea (22) The Love Piker (23) Baree, Son of Kazan (25) Never the Twain Shall Meet (25) Rustling for Cupid (26) The Prince of Pilsen (26) Morganson's Finish (26) Whispering Wires (26) Isle of Sunken Gold (27) Name the Woman (28) Sisters of Eve (28)

Virtuous Wives (18) A Midnight Romance (19) Mary Regan (19) Her Kingdom of Dreams (19) The Mind-the-Paint Girl (19) Human Desire (19) In Old Kentucky (19) The Fighting Shepherdess (20) The Yellow Typhoon (20) Harriet and the Piper (20) Sowing the Wind (21) Playthings of Destiny (21) The Invisible Fear (21) Her Mad Bargain (21) A Question of Honor (22) Rose o' the Sea (22)