Pauline Starke

Photo: Albert Witzel (1879-1929)

1901 - 1977

The actress Pauline Starke began her film career as an extra, so in "The Claws of Green" (14) and in a dancing scene of D.W. Griffith's movie "Intolerance" (16). It followed other smaller parts in "Puppets" (16) and "The Rummy" (16).

When the director Frank Borzage became aware of Pauline Starke this marked the beginning of a great film career in which she impersonated bigger support roles and leading roles.
To her early successes belong "The Regenerates" (17), "The Argument" (18), "The Man Who Woke Up" (18), "The Atom" (18), "The Fall of Babylon" (19) and "Eyes of Youth" (19).

She managed the final breakthrough in the 20's where she took part in many productions.
To her well-known movies of those years belong "Dangerous Days" (20), "The Untamed" (20), "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court" (21), "The Forgotten Woman" (21), "My Wild Irish Rose" (22), "The Little Girl Next Door" (23), "Arizona Express" (24), "Dante's Inferno" (24), "The Devil's Cargo" (25), "Bright Lights" (25), "Love's Blindness" (26), "Women Love Diamonds" (27), "The Viking" (28) and "The Mysterious Island" (29).

Her film career drew to a close with the rise of the talkies. It only followed sporadical appearances in "Twenty Dollars a Week" (35) and "She Knew All the Answers" (41).

Pauline Starke was married with the director Jack White and the actor George Sherwood.

Other movies with Pauline Starke:
The Wharf Rat (16) Cheerful Givers (17) Madame Bo-Peep (17) Until They Get Me (17) Innocent's Progress (18) The Shoes That Danced (18) Alias Mary Brown (18) Daughter Angele (18) Irish Eyes (18) Whom the Gods Would Destroy (19) The Life Line (19) The Broken Butterfly (19) Soldiers of Fortune (19) The Courage of Marge O'Doone (20) The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come (20) Seeds of Vengeance (20) Snowblind (21) Salvation Nell (21) Wife Against Wife (21) The Flower of the North (21) If You Belive It, It's So (22) The Kingdom Within (22) Lost and Found on a South Sea Island (23) Little Church Around the Corner (23) His Last Race (23) In the Palace of the King (23) Eyes of the Forest (23) Missing Daughters (24) Hearts of Oak (24) Forbidden Paradise (24) The Man Without a Country (25) Adventure (25) Sun-Up (25) Dance Madness (26) Honesty – The Best Policy (26) War Paint (26) Dance Magic (27) Captain Salvation (27) Streets of Shanghai (27) Man, Woman and Wife (29) A Royal Romance (30) What Men Want (30)