Frank Stanmore

1877 - 1943

The actor Frank Stanmore was born as Francis Henry Pink. He studied medicine at the Charing Cross Hospital in London but his desire to work on stage was stronger. He chose the pseudonym Frank Stanmore and was very successful at Herbert Beerbohm Tree's His Majesty's Theatre, where he often appeared in comedies. One of his greatest triumphes was the role of Artful Dodger in the play "Oliver Twist".
His successes led him finally to Germany in 1906 where he played in front of the German Kaiser. After the performance the Kaiser decorated him with an award.

Frank Stanmore entered the film business in 1912 and at the beginnig he took part in many comedies of W. W. Jacobs.
He also became a demanded actor in this medium , to his early movies belong "The Third String" (14), "For the Empire " (14), "The Heart of a Child" (15), "The Christian" (15), "The Man Without a Soul" (16), "A Marked Man" (16) and "The Manxman" (17).

In the 20s followed his most busy period in front of the camera and he impersonated different roles in productions like "London Pride" (20), "Control" (20), "The House on the Marsh" (20), "The Big Strong Man" (21), "The Spanish Jade" (22), "The School for Scandal" (23), "The Naked Man" (23), "Her Redemption" (24), "Die Prinzessin und der Geiger" (25), "Mumsie" (27), "The Hellcat" (28) and "Three Man in a Cart" (29).

His last cinematical works came in the 30s into being. To these movies belong "The Temporary Widow" (30), "The House Opposite" (31), "Don Quixote" (33), "Dora" (33), "The Amazing Quest of Ernest Bliss" (36) and "No Parking" (38).

After his film career he founded his own theater in Gravesend but the theater was forced to be closed with the outbreak of World War II.

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