Ned Sparks

1883 - 1957

The actor Ned Sparks was born as Edward Arthur Sparkman in Guelph, Ontario.
He made his first steps in show business as a balladeer in bars and nightclubs, beside it he also worked for the railroad. 
A career as an actor became apparent from 1907 when he was spotted for comedian roles thanks to his deadpan expression and he got first engagements on Broadway.
After first experiences at the theater he made his film debut in 1915 with "The Little Miss Brown" (15), it followed the pictures "The Social Pirate" (19) and "A Virtuous Vamp" (19).
He became a demanded support actor in the 20s and took part in many silent movies like "In Search of a Sinner" (20), "Easter Bonnets" (23), "The Boomerang" (25), "Seven Keys to Baldpate" (25), "Mike" (26), "The Hidden Way" (26), "Alias the Deacon" (27) and "The Big Noise" (28) - his first sound film.
His breakthrough followed with the rise of the talkies in the 30s where he could put into action is raspy voice and cynical tones besides his deadpan expression and was often engaged for funny parts. 
To Ned Sparks' well-known movies of those years belong "The Fall Guy" (30), "Iron Man" (31), "The Miracle Man" (32), "42nd Street" (33), "Gold Diggers of 1933" (33), "Alice in Wonderland" (33), "Imitation of Life" (34), "The Bride Walks Out" (36) and "The Star Maker" (39).
His trademark - the never smiling face - was so popular in the 30s that he contracted an insurance by Lloyds about $ 10'000 for damage to his image should a photographer be able to take picture of him with a smile in his face.
Ned Sparks' appearances in front of the camera diminished from the 40s, to these productions belong "For Beauty's Sake" (41), "Magic Town" (47) an the serial "The Heckle and Jeckle Show" (56).

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