Eileen Sedgwick

1898 - 1991

The actress Eileen Sedgwick originated from a stage experienced family. Her parents were already busy as stage actors and her brother Edward Sedgwick became a well-known movie director and her sister Josie Sedgwick a movie actress.
Already as a child she went on tour through the USA with her parents and siblings calles "The Five Sedgwicks". Soon Eileen Sedgwick was spotted by Hollywood.
At the age of 16 she made her film debut and to her first movies belong "All for Love" (14) and "The German Band" (14). It followed movies like "The Eagle's Nest" (15) and "Lone Larry" (15).
She became established as a movie actress in the second half of the 10s and she became a demanded leading actress.
To her movies of those years belong "Some Heroes" (16), "When Slim Was Home Cured" (16), "Room Rent anf Romance" (16), "The Emerald Pin" (16), "It's Cheaper to Be Married" (17), "The Woman in the Case" (17), "Making Monkey Business" (17), "The Temple of Terror" (17), "A Kitchen Hero" (18), "The Butler's Blunder" (18), "Naked Fists" (18), "The Human Tiger" (18), "The Lure of the Circus" (18), "A Phantom Fugitive" (19) and "The Great Radium Mystery" (19).
Since her big hit "The Lure of the Circus" (18) - a serial movie - Eileen Segdwick was nearly exclusively engaged for other very popular serial movies in the next years.
Her most popular productions of the 20s comprise "The White Rider" (20), "The Diamond Queen" (21), "The Girl in the Saddle" (21), "Dream Girl (21), "False Brands" (22), "Scarred Hands" (23), "In the Days of Daniel Boone" (23), "The Riddle Rider" (24), "The Girl of the West" (25), "Strings of Steel" (26), "Temple of Terror" (26), "Speed" (27) and "Fangs" (27).
Because Eileen Sedgwick lost interest in serial movies and preferred to act in discrete motion pictures she created the pen name Greta Yoltz in 1928 because her name Eileen Sedgwick was related to serial movies too much.
Still she was only able to took part in few more silent movies like "A Girl in Every Port" (28), "White Flame" (28) and "The Vansihing West" (28). With the event of the sound film her career came to an end. She only took part in one sound movie - "The Jade Box" (30) - afterwards she retired from the film business.

Other movies with Eileen Sedgwick:
Love and Flames (14) The Belle of Breweryville (14) The Crooks (14) Green Backs and Red Skins (15) Hired, Tired and Fired (16) I'll Get Her Yet (16) Ain't He Grand? (16) The Gasoline Habit (16) The Town That Tried to Come Back (16) When Slim Picked a Peach (16) Kill the Umpire (16) A Plumber's Waterloo (16) The Isle of Life (16) The Quitter (16) The Heritage of Hate (16) His Golden Hour (16) It Sounded Like a Kiss (16) It's Great to Be Married (16) Giant Powder (16) The Honeymoon Surprise (17) Good Morning Nurse (17) The High Cost of Starving (17) The Losing Winner (17) It's Cheaper to Be Single (17) A Bare Living (17) His Family Tree (17) The Thousand-Dollar Drop (17) Flat Harmony (17) Swearing Off (17) Dropped from the Clouds (17) Number 10, Westbound (17) Man and Beast (17) Money and Mystery (17) Not Too Thin to Fight (17) The Paperhanger's Revenge (17) Jungle Treachery (17) The Last of the Night Riders (17) The Lion's Lair (17) Hell's Crater (18) Watch Your Watch (18) The Shifty Shoplifter (18) Passing the Bomb (18) Quick Triggers (18) Oh! Man! (18) Repeating the Honeymoon (18) Trail of No Return (18) Roped and Tied (18) The Slow Express (18) All for Gold (18) The Fickle Blacksmith (18) A Prisoner for Life (19) The Wild Rider (19) Cyclone Smith's Comeback (19) Cyclone Smith Plays Trumps (19) A Pistol-Point Proposal (19) Love's Battle (20) The Girl in the Saddle (20) The Heart of Arizona (21) The Shadow uf Suspicion (21) Terror Trail (21) A Woman's Wit (21) Arrest Norma MacGregor (21) A Battle of Wits (21) The Night Attack (22) The Open Wire (22) Wolf Pack (22) Making Good (23) When Law Comes to Hades (23) Beasts of Paradise (23) The Lone Round-Up (24) Dangerous Odds (25) The Fighting Ranger (25) Sagebrush Lady (25) The Winking Idol (26) Beyond All Odds (26) Thundering Speed (26) Lightnin' Wins (26) Lightnin' Strikes (26) Lure of the West (26) Lightnin' Flashes (26) Tin Hats (26) Fury (27) When Danger Calls (27) Hot Heels (28) Beautiful But Dumb (28) Yellow Contraband (28)