Joseph M. Schenck

Joseph M. Schenck

1878 - 1961

The producer Joseph M. Schenck came to New York in 1893 together with his brother Nicholas Schenck (who later also was active as a producer) and founded a drugstore. 
Beside it they invested there money into entertainment business and were able to earn a lot of money. 
When Marcus Loew bought one of there companies he offered them a partnership at Consolidated Enterpises in 1912 which also carried theater and movie houses.

Joseph M. Schenck soon wanted to take over an active part within the film business and he met many stars of that time, among others Normal Talmadge. They got married in 1916.

At this time it already became aware that the two Schenck brothers were completely different. Whereas Joseph M. Schenck liked to deal with people and was liked, Nicholas preferred to keep people at the short leash. Therefore people feared his presence. 

Joseph M. Schenck was able to realize his dream in 1917 and he became a film producer, among others for stars like Roscoe Fatty Arbuckle, D. W. Griffith and Buster Keaton.

To his film produductions and as a presenter belong "The Butcher Boy" (17), "A Reckless Romeo" (17), "Out West" (18), "The Bell Boy" (18), "The Sheriff" (18), "A Desert Hero" (19) and "A Virtuous Vamp" (19).

While Nicholas Schenck remained with Marcus Loes and merged the companies Metro Pictures and Goldwyn Pictures - in 1924 followed Louis B. Mayer and they launched the legendary MGM-Studio which made Nicholas Schenck one of the most powerful Hoolywood bosses in the background from 1926 (after the death of Loew) - Joseph Schenck left the company and went to United Artists where he became the chairman in 1925.

Joseph M. Schenck realised numerous movies in the 20s, among them many classics with Buster Keaton.
To his works of those years belong "The Perfect Woman" (20), "The Haunted House" (21), "Smilin' Through" (22), "The Eternal Flame" (22), "The Electric House" (22), "The Paleface" (22), "Three Ages" (23), "Sherlock Jr. " (24), "The Navigator" (24), "The Eagle" (25), "Kiki" (26), "Camille" (26), "The General" (26), "Sorrell and Son" (27), "Tempest" (28), "Steamboat Bill, Jr." (28) and "Alibi" (29).

He produced other well-known movies in the 30s like "Abraham Lincoln" (30), "Indiscreet" (31), "The Bowery" (33), "The House of Rothschild" (34), "The Last Gentleman" (34), "Les misérables" (35), "Cardinal Richelieu" (35), "King of Burlesque" (36), "Under Two Flags" (36) and "White Fang" (36).

Joseph M. Schenck supported Darryl F. Zanuck for creating 20th Century Pictures which merged with Fix Film Crop. in 1935 and became 20th Century Fox whose first president Schenck became.

In the middle of the 30s Joseph M. Schenck became enlaces into criminal activites of Willie Morris Bioff who blackmailed Hollywood with stoppage when he became the puppet master in the background of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees & Moving Picture Machine Operators.
In order to avoid a stoppage he demanded 2 million dollars from the studio bosses which he got.
Joseph M. Schenck also had to take part at the payments but made the mistake to issue a personal check for one of these payments.

When the tax authority became aware of this they indicted him for tax fraud.
Finally he was forced to give evidence in front of the court against Willie Morris Bioff. However in 1946 he was jailed for one year but was released four months later when Harry Truman pardonned him. 

He returned to Fox where he became head of production.
At that time he supported the still unknown Marilyn Monroe from 1947 and helped her to get a role in"Scudda Hoo! Scudda Hay!" (48). In addition he convinced Harry Cohn to sign her for Columbia.

For his distinguished service to the motion picture he got the Honorary Awars in 1952. He belonged to the 36 founders of AMPAS (Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science) in 1927.

He was a co-founder together with Michael Todd of Magna Corp. in 1953 for Todd's invention of a widescreen process.

Joseph M. Schenck retired from the film business in 1957, shortly afterwards he sustained a stroke of which he never fully recovered. 
He died at the age of 83 in 1961.

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