J. Walter Ruben

J. Walter Ruben

1899 - 1942

The screenwriter and director Jacob Walter Ruben first worked as an actor and press agent at the theater before he joined the film business in the middle of the 20s and wrote numerous scripts for silent movies.
To these movies belong "Golf Widows" (26), "The Last Outlaw" (27), "Open Range" (27), "Fools for Luck" (28), "The Vanishing Pioneer" (28), "Avalanche" (28) and "Stairs of Sand" (29).

He continued his career as a screenwriter in the 30s, at the same time he started his second career as a movie director. 
To his works as a writer belong "She's My Weakness" (30), "Behind Office Doors" (31), "High Stakes" (31), "The Phantom of Crestwood" (32), "Public Hero No. 1" (35) and "The Bad Man of Brimstone" (37).

As a director he realised the productions "The Public Defender" (31), "The Roadhouse Murder" (32), "The Phantom of Crestwood" (32), "The Great Jasper" (33), "Ace of Aces" (33), "Where Sinners Meet" (34), "Public Hero No. 1" (35), The Good Old Soak" (37) and "Gold Rush Maisie" (40).

Afterwards he became a movie producer and he realised productions like "Stand Up and Fight" (39), "Maisie" (39), "Flight Command" (40), "The Bad Man" (41), "Maisie Gets Her Man" (42) and "Assignment in Brittany" (43).

J. Walter Ruben died unexpectedly in 1942 at the age of only 43 of a heart attack during the shooting fo "Assignment in Brittany".

Other movies from J. Walter Ruben (Writer): 
The Gay Retreat (27) Shootin' Irons (27) Under the Tonto Rim (28) The Fleet's In (28) The Love Doctor (29) Sunset Pass (29) Jazz Heaven (29) The Marriage Playground (29) Dance Hall (29) Lovin' the Ladies (30) Shooting Straight (30) Check and Double Check (30) The Royal Bed (31) Bachelor Apartment (31) White Shoulders (31) Young Donovan's Kid (31) Symphony of Six Million (32) The Roadhouse Murder (32) Racetrack (33) Thoroughbreds Don't Cry (37)

Secret Service (31) No Other Woman (33) No Marriage Ties (33) Man of Two Worlds (34) Success at Any Price (34) Java Head (34) Riffraff (36) Trouble for Two (36) Old Hutch (36) The Bad Man of Brimstone (37)

Sergeant Madden (39) Thunder Afloat (39) Congo Maisie (40) 20 Mule Team (40) Gold Rush Maisie (40) Maisie Was a Lady (41) The Get-Away (41) Ringside Maisie (41) The Bugle Sounds (42) Mokey (42) Her Cardboard Lover (42) Tennessee Johnson (42)